Kate Upton Graces GQ Magazine Cover

kate upton coverKate Upton has become a household name ever since she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, and quickly became one of the most talked about models. Recently, the bikini-clad blonde bombshell went on to further crush the competition by posing for the July issue of GQ, in an equally sexy spread.

“We apologize in advance for your decreased productivity. Meet our July 2012 Cover Girl, @KateUpton,” tweeted GQ Magazine.

The model can be seen on the pages of the men’s magazine, sporting a tiny bikini, wet t-shirt and even topless in one shot. She told the magazine of her sexy shoot “It’s like any job,” and “You find your strengths and play them up.”

The interview was exciting, too. Upton divulged all the juicy details from her tattoos — she’s got two — and her relationships. “I’m going to be less emotionally involved this year,” she said.

Click to read the whole interview and see her sexy photo shoot.

The world first met the 19-year-old when she posed for Sports Illustrated and was named “Rookie of the Year” in 2011. They caught up with her when a video of her doing the dance, “The Dougie” later went viral and again when she made the cover of SI in 2012.

Since making the cover, Upton has been the “IT” model and has made headlines frequently. Earlier this year, rumors were swirling that Upton was dating Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez, though she never confirmed if she was indeed dating the QB and fellow GQ model.

Later, another video of her doing a special dance, this time the “Cat Daddy,” went viral and even caused an even bigger stir than her first that had more than 5 million views. The “Cat Daddy” dance in which Upton danced around in a tiny bikini caused major controversy and YouTube took it down over censorship issues. YouTube later re-posted it, after all she was in a bikini.

And if that wasn’t enough, this past year, fans of hers got to see her dress up and play a hot nun in new flick The Three Stooges, and in a sexy Carl’s Jr. commercial for the new Southwest Patty Melt. In the commercial, Upton devoured the burger in the sexiest way possible in a convertible at a drive-in movie.

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