Long Island’s “Men On the Move” on History Channel

Men on the Move, a Long Island-based storage and moving company, was recently featured on the History Channel’s “United Stats of America,” where twins Randy and Jason Sklar use statistical information to reveal certain historical facts about the nation.

The June 19 episode was about the nation’s obsession with space, investigating different comfort levels regarding personal distance and why the typical American home has increased in size over the course of the 20th century. Comparing living spaces such as Lower East Side tenements, uniform Levittown houses from the 1940s and modern McMansions, the Sklar brothers argue that Americans have taken up more square footage over the years.

Randy and Jason interviewed individuals on the streets of New York and asked why Americans need so much room. The common response was because of all the “stuff” people collect and never want to throw away. But while people are purchasing larger houses to hold their acquired items, many find that they don’t always want their clutter around and streamline instead, sending off the unwanted objects to be stored elsewhere.

This is where Men on the Move comes in. Of the 51,000 storage facilities nationwide, the Sklars selected Men on the Move to illustrate the role of a storage company in helping people de-clutter their homes.

John Beyer established the Men on the Move moving company in 1985, and soon after, broadened its services to include a self-storage business. This enterprise is a founding member of the “Keep It On Long Island” (KIOLI) organization, which shares information about local businesses, organizations, organic farmers markets—and everything else on LI.

Men on the Move has four storage locations in Huntington, Floral Park, Islandia and Glen Cove, the most recent addition. It offers vault-storage for those who do not need to reach their items often, and self-storage, which is more accessible on a regular basis.

While the moving company also offers services out of state, Men on the Move is grateful for its prominent LI client base and remains a reliable resource for its customers.