Glamping: What’s The Point?

Justin Bieber
(AP Photo/Jacques Brinon)
(AP Photo/Jacques Brinon)

Justin Bieber has been widely reported to venture out into the scary, treacherous wilderness to go…glamping. Yes, glamping ladies and gentlemen!

What is glamping exactly? Well, it is – wait for it – glamorous camping.

“You sleep on a bed,” Bieber was quoted as saying. “It’s a mattress bed! In a huge tent with TV and everything. You have electricity and stuff but you’re still in amongst the wildlife. It’s pretty cool.”

Most people understand why the words glamour and camping are typically not used together. Camping is anything but glamorous.

Tiny tents, sleeping on the uncomfortable ground in sleeping bags, limited showers or bathrooms and cooking on a portable grill isn’t a very Hollywood experience.

Don’t forget trying to get that fire going at night. While this all sounds absolutely horrible, some get satisfaction spending time out in the woods, feeling more at one with nature.

Glamping, on the other hand, seems to take out the minimalism of camping altogether. It’s basically a house in the woods. Glampers pay hundreds of dollars to experience the luxuries they have at home, but in a wooded area.

Is there any point in this practice? Some say the whole point of camping is to take a break from technology. It seems silly to try and become “one with nature” in a tent that has a flat screen TV.

To get an idea of what glampers are paying for, log on to www.goglamping.net to check out some glamping sites. One eco-lodge in Texas goes for $200 a night with a two-night minimum and includes electricity, appliances and WIFI.

Another site in Massachusetts offers cabins or yurts for $395 a weekend or $1650 a week with queen sized beds, flat screen TVs, fireplaces and more, as well as countless on-site activities.

Is it all worth it?

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