Zombie Apocalypse: Bus Driver Eats Woman’s Face In China

Photo via MSN

The zombie apocalypse has spread to Asia as a drunken bus driver allegedly jumped on a woman and began eating her face in China.

A woman who reports have identified as “Du,” was driving near a bus station in Wenzhou around 2 p.m. Tuesday when a man ran into the street, blocking her car, according to reports.

The alleged attacker, Dong, as the man has been identified, allegedly climbed on the hood of her car and began hitting the windshield, according to the Malaysia Chronicle. Du got out of the car to flee, but was stopped by Dong, who allegedly jumped on top of her and began chewing on her face.

The alleged cannibal-like act was eventually stopped when cops intervened. Du laid on the ground with her face covered in blood according to ShanghaiDaily.com. She was reportedly hospitalized following the incident and awaits plastic surgery to repair her disfigured face.

According to the Huffington Post, Dong was reportedly drunk at the time of the alleged attack.

The startling report follows other strange flesh-eating incidents that sparked fears of a real zombie apocalypse.

Another equally disturbing incident includes a 21-year-old man named Karl Laventure who was arrested after running out of the woods in Georgia naked and screaming that he would eat cops who were handcuffing him. Police were called where they tasered him and handcuffed him while he yelled “I’ma eat you,” and “Don’t make me eat you.” Laventure, according to Fox News, admitted to smoking a joint sprinkled with bath salts.

The zombie apocalypse was coined following the first strange incident in Miami. The “Miami Causeway Cannibal,” as Rudy Eugene was nicknamed, was found naked on the Miami Causway on top of a homeless man and devouring his face. Ultimately, cops were forced to shoot him dead.

Other disturbing stories include a Maryland college student who reportedly killed his roommate and ate his heart and brain and a New Jersey man who reportedly stabbed himself in the abdomen, threw his intestines at officers and was later hospitalized.