Angry Man Smashes Up T-Mobile Shop (Video)

Man smashes up T-Mobile Shop
Man smashes up T-Mobile Shop (Photo credit: YouTube)
Man smashes up T-Mobile Shop
Man smashes up T-Mobile Shop (Photo credit: YouTube)

A video of a man trashing a T-Mobile store in Manchester was posted on YouTube and its gone viral.

The video, which shows the man destroying the store, is captured through the glass window of the store and reveals a large number of spectators. Their voices and comments are the only ones present in the video. In two days, the nearly four-minute video has drawn much more attention than the initial viewing of the tantrum, with about a half of a million views.

In the video, a man is seen ripping down the displays, yanking cords from the wall, and throwing the retail store’s merchandise in a fit of rage.

He then proceeds to pick up a fire extinguisher and spray all the items.

The customer then takes a second fire extinguisher, which he uses and then discards by throwing it across the small store.

While all this is going on, a T-Mobile employee is seen huddled in the corner making a phone call to the police.

On his way out, three young men enter to prevent the customer from leaving. He throws up his hand in annoyance as one of the men pushes him into a seat. Within moments, police enter the scene to find a more affable version of the man.

A spokesman for T-Mobile said the customer was denied a refund that he was not entitled to, according to Manchester Evening News.

The T-Mobile store has been closed due to the damage.

The man has been revealed as 42-year-old Jason Codner. He has been arrested for public order offence and criminal damage.

Check out the video: