The Rundown: Long Island’s Random Weekly To-Do List August 2 – 9


30RunDown DogLips e13439261022161. BUY YOUR DOG LIPS—OR A MUSTACHE:  So, you’re playing fetch, but this time when Fido comes back with the ball he’s sporting a hot pink smacker. Or maybe even a handlebar mustache. Just look at that picture, do you really need any more convincing? Make it happen at www.moodypet.com.

30RunDown BigKahuna2. EAT A BIG KAHUNA DONUT DOG: We wouldn’t mind seeing Joey Chestnut tackle a few of these bad boys. What’s a Big Kahuna Dog, you ask? Well, it’s a hot dog wrapped in bacon with a maple-glazed doughnut around it and it can only be found at the Syracuse State Fair running from Aug. 23 to Sept. 3. If that doesn’t satisfy your appetite, then you can check out the rest of the menu, which includes many more deep-fried delicacies, such as lasagna, brownies and jelly beans. No matter what you go for, you’re guaranteed to attract some attention, not to mention some jealous stares from dieters, who would have to walk the 330 miles back to Long Island to burn off the calories.

30RunDown londonResults3. DOWNLOAD THE LONDON 2012 RESULTS APP:  With the Olympics underway, what better way to keep track of the medal counts, results, events, and athletes than with the official London 2012 Results App? You can search for specific athletes, and even set up favorite events, reminders and notifications so you never miss a thing. And like the name suggests, it features live updates on the results of each event as they occur! Sure, it’ll only be useful for about 10 days, but it’s an essential asset for following the Olympics, no matter where you are.

4. ATTEND THE HONG KONG DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL: Based on the legend of Qu Yuan, an exiled court minister who wandered around writing poetry, dragon boat racing goes back centuries. When Yuan heard that his home had been invaded, he drowned himself. Fishermen raced to save him, but couldn’t. To prevent fish from devouring his body, they threw rice dumplings in the water as a spirit offering. Today, rice dumplings are eaten during this festival of dance, martial arts, street theater and racing. Before the race begins, the dragon boats are ritually blessed by a Buddhist monk and brought to life by having their eyes dotted with red paint. See it all go down at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, Aug. 4 and 5.

30RunDownPopCornVodka e13439262695965. TRY POPCORN-FLAVORED VODKA: Orville Redenbacher now has competition, and from an unlikely source, Georgi Vodka. The Popcorn Man and the Vodka Man may never share kernels with one another, but they are both making use of the flavor known to millions of movie-goers—that buttery taste of warm yellow corn. Star Industries, the Syosset-based maker of the famous Georgi brand, has just come out with Georgi Popcorn Vodka and it’s on shelves now. If we ever have to sit through another Twilight movie, this is what we’re bringing.

6. PLAY WHERE’S MY PERRY?: When Major Monogram summons Agent P to the headquarters of the OWCA, he jumps into one of many transportation tubes, expecting to be taken directly to headquarters. Midway down, he gets stuck. Now it’s up to you to guide water in its different forms—ice, sludge, steam, liquid—to help Agent P on his way. It’s available for free and paid downloads for Apple and Android devices, and if you’ve already played Where’s My Water?, this is basically the same thing, with some added bonuses.

7. GOOGLE “THE SHINING PREQUEL”: Warner Bros. is reportedly developing a prequel to Stephen King’s The Shining, which will focus on past events that took place between the horror-filled walls of the Overlook Hotel. Catch up on all the grizzly details. In the mean time, King is working on a sequel to the novel called Dr. Sleep, so be on the lookout for that, too.

8. VISIT MUSICOVERY.COM: Select songs by way of a more personal search criteria, your mood. The site offers varying shades to choose from, ranging from energetic and positive, to calm and dark, and you can specify sentiments in between and all around the four emotional staples. Musicovery also allows you to pick the era and genre, so you’re sure to hear exactly what you’re in the mood for.

30RunDown lighthouseday9. TiVo The Next: Reality show The Next launches Aug. 16 on CW-11, with an episode taped at Huntington’s Paramount Theatre. Gloria Estefan, John Rich, Nelly and Joe Jonas mentor four up-and-coming musicians. The show will move from city to city, leading to a final competition among each city’s winners. The last vocalist standing wins a recording contract with Atlantic.

10. CELEBRATE NATIONAL LIGHTHOUSE DAY!: Tuesday, Aug. 7 is National Lighthouse Day, and LI’s beacons, from Huntington to Montauk, will be shining brightly. Check your local lighthouse for events!