The Rundown: Long Island’s Random Weekly To-Do List, Sept. 27 – Oct. 4


36RunDown FlashMob1. JOIN THE THRILLER FLASH MOB: On Saturday, 9.29 at noon, a combined Thrill the World flashmob including people from Long Island and the tri-state area will meet in Times Square to dance a three-minute version of the Michael Jackson Halloween classic that will be filmed. The “attack” plan includes Washington Square Park, Union Square and maybe even Grand Central Station. To be part of the madness just wear anything black and red with jeans. Visit ThrillTheWorld.com to learn the dance and join the Thrill team.

36RunDown DivaRun2. REGISTER FOR THE DIVA RUN: On Sunday, 10.7 the Divas Half Marathon race will take over Eisenhower Park—feather boas, champagne and all! About 3,000 runners are expected to participate and attendance will be around 15,000. All finishers will receive a huge, blinged out medal that spins and holds your picture. Register now at RunLikeADiva.com!

3. GET YOUR BIG BREAK AT GREAT NECK ARTS CENTER: On three special Saturday nights Love Revolution Org and the Great Neck Arts Center will search for the next big thing to come off Long Island—with a little help from some of their friends in the music industry—as the Gold Coast Acoustic Cafe presents “Big Break” Showcase Series at The Great Neck Arts Center. There is an open call for all musicians ages 12 to 25 who do not currently have a recording or publishing contract to submit for the showcase and strut their stuff in front of music execs and producers. Visit GreatNeckArts.org for entry guidelines.

36RuNDown Cadbury4. HAVE A CADBURY SCREME EGG: Cadbury is putting the Easter candy on the back burner for awhile and focusing on Halloween, transforming their classic Cadbury Creme Egg to the Cadbury Screme Egg. Really, the only difference is the wrapper and the green yolk in the middle. The true novelty? Eating a Cadbury egg in October. God Bless America.

36RUnDown Seinfeld5. SEE JERRY SEINFELD IN NYC: For the first time in 14 years, Jerry Seinfeld is presenting full performances of his signature stand-up comedy in New York City. The Massapequa native will perform five stand-up shows—one in each New York City borough—on five Thursday nights this fall. The gigs will also feature special guest Colin Quinn and kicks off at the Beacon Theatre Thursday, 10.4.

6. YOUTUBE “AH AH’S BACK”:  A home video went viral of a young boy reunited with his favorite stuffed animal, a blue monkey named “Ah Ah” lost on a camping trip that then turned up on eBay three years later. His mom orders it thinking it would make a great replacement monkey, but when it arrives she realizes it’s not just a look-a-like…it has the same exact ragged cut and singed fur the original Ah Ah had. In the words of one YouTube commenter: If you dislike this video you don’t have a soul…

36RUnDown IgNobelPrizes7. GOOGLE “IG NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS 2012”: This year’s Ig Nobel Prizes were given out by real Nobel Prize winners at Harvard University last week for silly sounding research. Some of the prizes handed out went to a Dutch team who studied why leaning to the left makes the Eiffel Tower seem smaller, American and British researchers who calculated how and why a ponytail bounces, and University of California-Santa Barbara researchers for their paper on how to keep a coffee cup from spilling while you walk.

8. DON’T GET POPCORN LUNG: A Colorado man was awarded  $7.2 million in damages by a federal court after developing “popcorn lung,” a chronic condition believed to have been caused by diacetyl, a chemical used as butter flavoring in microwave popcorn, that makes it hard for air to leave the lungs. The defense argued the man’s health problems were due to his using dangerous chemicals as a carpet cleaner and plans to appeal the decision, but still…you may want to stay clear of anything with diacetyl on the label.

36RunDOwn TeslaElectricCar9. CHECK OUT THE NEW TESLA STORE AT ROOSEVELT FIELD MALL: Electric car company Tesla Motors is opening 10 new stores across the nation, and one of them just opened its doors last week at Roosevelt Field Mall. The Garden City location includes interactive displays and design studios where customers can design their own Tesla Model S sedan on a large touch screen and then view it on an 85-inch video wall.

36RunDown PaneraBagel10. ORDER PINK RIBBON BAGELS AT PANERA: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Panera’s 22 LI bakery-cafes launches their annual Pink Ribbon Bagel campai36RunDown PaneraBagel1gn on Monday, 10.1. Now in its 11th year, it has raised more than $100,000 to benefit organizations on Long Island to date. For those who have yet to taste a Pink Ribbon Bagel, it’s a cherry vanilla bagel, sweetened with brown sugar, cranberry chips and cherries and shaped into a pink ribbon.