Billy Joel. Today’s Most Awesome Person Ever. Here’s Why. (Video)

Billy Joel - NY State of Mind featuring Michael Pollack
Billy Joel

Billy Joel - NY State of Mind featuring Michael Pollack“I have a fantastic Buzz today,” I announced this morning.

“Drinking before work?” asked Sal.

Hardy har har.

Yes, Sal. But that’s not why it’s so fantastic.

Now, normally, I get very angry when people skip my write-ups on these here Buzz entries, as frankly, my unearthly ability to entertain is a gift that cannot be paralleled.

But in this case, go ahead, as the gift I give to all pales in comparison to the one the great, iconic, Long Island treasure/deity Billy Joel himself bestowed unto young Michael Pollack.

Pollack, a student at Vanderbilt University, was in the audience at a January event with Joel titled “An Evening of Questions and Answers and a Little Bit of Music.”

In one shining moment, all three happened.

Pollack asked a question, Joel gave an answer and then there was a little bit o’ music.

As they say in the ‘hood, and in the chicken nursery, peep it.