Dogs Rescued from Overcrowding up for Adoption on LI

Thirty puppies and dogs from an animal shelter in Florida recently arrived at a Long Island animal rescue that is rehabilitating the cuddly canines before putting them up for adoption.

The pups arrived Sunday at Precious Pups Rescue in Calverton a day after they left Miami-Dade Animal Services shelter following a “Bon Voyage” party in a move was funded by the Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project, which partnered with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to provide medical care and relocating for dogs in overcrowded shelters.

“Mrs. Petrie had a strong connection to the ASPCA for many years,” said Jay Goldberg, president of the Carroll Petrie Foundation, which has helped 16,600 dogs over the past year.

Precious Pups Rescue was chosen because they already have a relationship with the Miami-Dade shelter and receive dogs from them about once a month, according to ASPCA Animal Relocation Director Austin Gates.

The foundation helped with this transport by funding a $50-per-dog subsidy, providing gas for the rental van and giving the dogs vaccines.

For people that want to adopt the new dogs, Precious Pups Rescue has an adoption application on their website, preciouspupsrescue.org.