Ashton Kutcher Just Told Your Kids How To Be Pretty Awesome

Ashton Kutcher Speech

You know how you try and tell your kids certain things, but they don’t listen because you’re their parent, so therefore, like, whatever?

Well, except for a few bleating groupies-in-training, Ashton Kutcher did it for you.

Yeah, that Ashton Kutcher. Yes, the one you hate.

Thing is, he gets to do something you probably can’t. Talk to your kids AND be a star. Which he did while receiving the Ultimate award at the last Teen Choice Awards.

So hopefully, since this is being spread around as OMG THE BEST SPEECH LIKE EVER!!!!!!, if your kids haven’t yet seen it, they will.

And that, unlike his taking over Two and a Half Men, isn’t a bad thing at all.

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