The Only Version of Little Drummer Boy You’ll Need This Season

Little Drummer Boy

Hey Christmas song lovers. Between classic standards, and Mary J. Blige, you really have no shortage of great holiday music to have wafting through your home.

For those who prefer exquisitely-harmonious-and-perfectly-executed sounds of near-divinity, the a capella sensation that is Pentatonix has a little ditty that you should add to your Xmas Playlist. You might have seen it already (I’m admittedly many days behind on this) but for the 7.129 billion minus the 15-or-so million people on the planet who HAVEN’T seen it (minus the non-Christians who probably don’t care, the people without internet, infants, sick people, etc…), it’s kind of a must-listen.

(Even though it’s always been a bit of a dumb song. I mean, everyone knows oxen and lambs have no rhythm…)

Anyway, we’ve featured Pentatonix before, and it’s pretty stunning how good they are at this sort of thing. To be honest, they are perfectly suited for Christmas music, and their rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” is great evidence to prove it.

In fact, if Pentatonix’s Christmas stylings are your cup of peppermint tea, pick up their entire Christmas album here: http://bit.ly/PTXMASDELUXE