Jon Stewart Points Out Absurdity of New York’s ‘Official State Snack’ Bill

Jon Stewart NY Yogurt Snack Bill

If you’re a member of the New York State Senate, this Jon Stewart clip probably won’t be on your list of “must-see videos this morning.” But residents of the Empire State—or anyone in the United States for that matter; even Republicans!—will surely appreciate Stewart making a mockery of a State Senate bill naming yogurt the official snack of New York.

The Daily Show host set his sights on the legislative body after the State Senate spent a full HOUR debating why yogurt deserves the moniker: New York’s Official Snack.

Actually, this was a lay up for the comedian. He didn’t have to go out of his way to bash the State Senate with rip-roaring jokes to point out the absurdity of the whole thing. NY’s lovely politicians took care of that for him.

Jon Stewart NY Yogurt Snack Bill

“As far as a state snack, what exactly are we defining as a snack?” asked State Sen. Gustavo Rivera.

“I think it’s self-explanatory,” the bill’s sponsor State Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer shot back. “You have breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then you have snacks.”

Enlightening stuff. Seriously.

Rivera wasn’t done:

“Did you consider, say, the potato chip as a potential state snack?”

“Did the sponsor consider raisins as the potential state snack?”

“Did the sponsor consider, perhaps, pretzels as the potential official state snack?”

Surely, Razenhofer considered all these delicious delights before deciding on yogurt. Right?

“Never,” he responded to Rivera’s interrogation.

Jon Stewart NY Yogurt Snack Bill

Oh, boy.

Well, there’s more. We don’t want to ruin it for you. Just watch. It’ll explain why everyone across America on this TGIF is bashing New York.

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