How to Remove the Panels on Your Alure Basement Finishing System in 60 Seconds

Alure Home Improvements
Alure Home Improvements Chief Operating Officer Doug Cornwell walks Long Islanders through how to remove the panels on their Alure Basement Finishing System in 60 seconds in a recent episode of the company’s 60-second DIY tips video series!

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Here’s a daunting question for homeowners from Doug Cornwell, Alure Home Improvements’ chief operating officer:

“Did you ever walk down into your dark and dingy basement?” Cornwell asks.

If the answer is yes—and for too many homeowners, that is often the case—then Cornwell offers this reply:

“If you are, then you don’t have the Alure Home Improvements Basement Finishing System!”

Why is that important? Because the Alure Home Improvement Basement Finishing System makes cleaning your basement panels or gaining access to what’s behind them a snap. Literally and figuratively.

In a recent episode of “Alure Home Improvements’ 60 Second Fix,” titled “How to Remove the Panels on Your Alure Basement Finishing System in 60 Seconds,” Cornwell demonstrates what a difference having this remodeling system can make in your basement.

“Let’s say you need to go down into your newly finished basement because you need to run some wires and you have to remove some panels to get behind them,” he says. “It’s very simple and I’ll show you how to do it.”

As Cornwell illustrates in this video, the panels are held in place by horizontal moldings on the top and the bottom. Between the panels are battens, or thin vertical strips of material on either side, to keep the panels snug while covering up the gap in between them.

“Just pop the moldings off!” he explains.

It’s surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it, as Cornwell proves.

Start with the bottom molding along the panel. Grab it and it remove it. Then take the top molding off. Next remove the batten strips on either side of the panel you’re focusing on.

Once the moldings and the battens are gone, you can pull the panel out with the minimum of pressure. Now you have access to the space behind the paneling.

“Do whatever work you need to do behind it,” Cornwell says.

Perhaps you want to run new wiring or do some cleaning, whatever the task, it’s not so daunting once you know how easy it is to gain access to the wall behind the remodeling.

Once you’re done with whatever chore you set out to do, just replace the battens and the molding in the reverse order from how you started.

First, put the panel back. Then insert the battens on both sides of it.

“Snap them in,” Cornwell explains.

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Next, put the top molding back until it fits snugly in place. Then restore the bottom molding, making sure you line it up properly so it will snap back into the wall panel unit.

“Now it’s all back together and you’re all done!” Cornwell says with a smile.

In other words, thanks to your finished basement, you’re through!