Who Let The Trolls Out: Long Island Press Journalists Read “Fan” Mail [Video]

Journalists Read Fan Mail

The Long Island Press editorial staff has been the recipient of countless letters, emails and social media comments throughout the years from readers who simply had to weigh in on our award-winning, tell-it-like-it-is brand of journalism, pull-no-punches opinion pieces and eclectic team of truth-seekers.

Some of that correspondence can be described as pseudo love letters, wherein the sender gushes about this or that coverage, their thrill over our last take-down, or tips on who or what should be the subject of a future piece. Others–well, not so much. They feel it important to share their two cents and offer critiques on everything from our overall writing and viewpoints to our sentence structure and punctuation choices. Some focus their spite on specific writers. One woman felt compelled to sent a thousand-plus word crucifixion of the as-yet-to-be-released new Star Wars movie. May the force be with her.

Regardless of their stances, the Press welcomes all.

Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment, we decided to produce our own video in which Press reporters read a few of the comments sent along to us from not-so-happy readers.

So, here’s a peek inside what one distressed reader dubbed our “tiny office in Garden City” where “10 people” were “appointed…experts on U.S. politics,” doling out what another deemed “mindless, partisan agit-prop.”

Enjoy, dear readers. Enjoy. We raise a glass of freshly brewed coffee to you with our sincere, unending love. Why? Because you read us.

Pravda!” we sing. “To pravda.” [Russian for “The Truth”]

Keep ’em coming, and Happy New Year!