Kings Park Man Convicted in Son’s Death

A Suffolk County jury convicted a 32-year-old Kings Park man Friday of manslaughter in the beating death of his 43-day-old son nearly four years ago.

Christopher Foster was acquitted of the most serious charge of second-degree murder. Foster faces up to 25 years in state prison when he is sentenced Sept. 8, prosecutors said.

Foster’s conviction stems from his son’s death on Oct.11, 2011.

Prosecutors said an autopsy revealed that the infant, Jonathan Hertzler, suffered a fractured skull, four broken ribs and bruises to his face.

The Suffolk County Medical Examiner testified during trial that there was evidence the boy suffered bruises inflicted before the night of his death, prosecutors said. The fatal injuries were the result of multiple blows, according to the medical examiner’s testimony.

The infant’s mother testified that Jonathan was a “source of constant aggravation” and that Foster often became angry when the infant cried, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office.

Prosecutors told the jury that Foster was the last person to hold his son and that the father called his boss to report that Jonathan wasn’t breathing instead of 911.

Foster was also found guilty of endangering the welfare of a child.