Feds: Reputed LI Mobsters Nabbed for Extortion

Two reputed mobsters from Long Island were among three arrested for allegedly extorting a local business out of money for “protection,” loansharking and illegal gambling, authorities said.

Luca DiMatteo, 70, of Merrick, and 46-year-old John Shields of East Atlantic Beach were indicted on federal charges of racketeering conspiracy, extortion, loansharking and operation of an illegal gambling business.

“We will not tolerate the use of violence or threats of violence to extort local business people, and we will shut down illegal gambling businesses in our neighborhoods,” said Kelly Currie, acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

Prosecutors said the two suspects and 46-year-old Lukey DiMatteo of Brooklyn, who is facing the same charges, are members of the Colombo crime family, with the elder DiMatteo allegedly serving as a captain.

The DiMatteos shook down a local business owner out of $100 to $200 every two weeks for more than a decade, according to the FBI.

They and Shields, who is also known as Scott Greco, allegedly ran illegal gambling clubs in Brooklyn, authorities said.

The trio is facing the charges at federal court in Brooklyn.