Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for September 2016


Aries – Mars in Sagittarius – don’t be too sensitive to remarks made by a good pal. You’re probably reading meaning into that person’s words. Your vivid imagination is better used this month in visualizing goals, improving skills and getting to know yourself better. Meditate. Number 7 is lucky for you.

Taurus – Venus in Libra – you’ll be impressionable to the moods and needs of a loved one. Keep calm, cool and collected. Give logic equal time. A nostalgic type of entertainment will be enjoyed; former pleasures may be revived. Spend time with Cancer and Capricorn people.

Gemini – Mercury in Virgo – now that you have the facts you need, its time to organize them. Focus on personal business and paperwork that requires detailed scrutiny. Don’t delegate tasks; someone you have in mind cannot handle them as you would. Be disciplined. Play it safe with number 4.

Cancer – Moon in Pisces – this month’s accent is on money, possessions and purchases. Exciting news comes your way about a wonderful bargain. You may have to change plans at the last moment in order to take advantage of this sale. Someone of the opposite sex shows affection by assisting you with this.

Leo – the Sun in Virgo – your domestic surroundings are highlighted. A parent or parental figure is touchy and needs reassuring. The money situation will be eased and a gift to help you in your work will be provided. Show relatives and neighbors your appreciation for recent help. Include a Libra.

Virgo – Mercury in your sign – you’ll learn the inside story about a Pisces associate. Be sensitive to the words and feelings of others; you’ll be able to calm your fears and bring peace of mind to a loved one. Artistic expression is also encouraged. Your imagination works overtime.

Libra – Venus in your sign – a serious commitment is on the agenda. You’ll see where you are going and who you want to take along. Someone who is reliable, ambitious and a long time associate plays an important role. If you make promises, be sure you are ready to honor those promises.

Scorpio – Pluto in Capricorn – beautify your surroundings, make room for new acquisitions. A special celebration is called for to show your appreciation. Treat others, especially relatives, to a gourmet dinner or other festive occasion. Taurus is in the picture. The lucky number is 6.

Sagittarius – Jupiter in Libra – you surge into a high lunar cycle. The accent is on going places, doing things and meeting someone who has just returned from a long journey. A question will be answered; be bold in going after the information you need. Your personal popularity is heightened.

Capricorn – Saturn in Sagittarius – a brief trip in your local area adds to your prestige. You’ll meet someone with real clout who can help you climb the ladder of success. A signed and sealed agreement can be reached. Your romantic partner will begin to see you in a new light. The lucky number is 8.

Aquarius – Uranus in Aries – a universal, big-hearted viewpoint is needed. Your hopes and wishes may have to give way to the good of all concerned. A relationship – or some phase of it – is concluding, but this is no cause for gloom. View the larger picture. Count on number 9 this month.

Pisces – Neptune in your sign – a romantic aura surrounds your home base. Personal magnetism is increased; renewed vitality makes you glow with sex appeal. A new start can be made in a dramatic manner. A Leo will be involved; so will be your marital status. Number 1 is lucky for you this month.


PsychicDeb has been a professional astrologer for over 25 yrs. Self-taught, she began her studies in astrology when she was 8 yrs. old learning what she could from her mother’s astrology magazines. As she got older and learned geometry, she searched for books on Astrology and taught herself how to construct a chart. She teaches Astrology for a nominal fee. PsychicDeb also uses the tarot to do psychic readings channeling her spirit guide Helen. Reiki is one of her obsessions. She is a Reiki Master and loves to teach others the benefits of Reiki. Namaste. You can find her at the Original Psychic Fairs on Sundays. A listing of the Fair dates can be found on her website at: http://www.astro-mate.org or join the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Original-Long-Island-Psychic-Fair