Trick Or Treat: Niantic Offers Pokémon Go Halloween Goodies

Pokemon Go Halloween
Pokemon Go developer Niantic is offering players some extraordinary treats this Halloween, including double the candy!

So in case you’ve been living underneath a really phenomenal PokéStop for the past few weeks (and if you have, kudos to ya), Pokémon Go’s developer, Niantic Labs, has announced a tremendous Halloween treat for fans!

Niantic’s Pokémon Go Halloween Event begins October 26 and lasts until November 1!

During this spooktacular stretch, expect some very special Pokémon Go Halloween surprises.

For starters, each time trainers catch, hatch, and transfer Pokémon, they’ll earn double the candy. You heard that correctly, fellow Pokémon adventurers, double.

Secondly, Buddy Pokémon earn four times their typical amount of candy. Yup, once again you’ve heard that correctly: four times their usual amount.

On top of all this, who will be popping up more often throughout Halloweeen as you play disguised in whatever costume you’ve chosen this year (Pikachu, perhaps; hopefully not a Creepy Clown)?

Ghosts, and additional “Spooky Pokémon,” of course!

All this amounts to a truly unforgettable Halloween, that’s for sure, and some really incredible gameplay, to boot.

How so, you ask?

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Well, for starters, all that extra candy will help you strengthen your team in your quest to take over more gyms, as feeding your always hungry Pokémon candy and stardust will help evolve them into more powerful beasts and increase those critters’ Combat Power to take down whichever creature or creatures are in charge.

These new Halloween treats may also lead you to adapt new strategies when playing and battling it out prior to, and during Halloween. For example, one may be to hatch, hatch, hatch, hatch, hatch in order to create the ultimate Pokémon battle team.

Pokemon Go Halloween

Of course, Niantic loves these extraordinary Halloween treats, too, because in order to truly accelerate your spawning strategy into the stratosphere, you’ll most definitely want more incubators to facilitate that level of mass Pokémon production—which undoubtedly means a few trips to the Pokémon Go store.

At 150 PokéCoins a pop, these Pokémon-hatching machines aren’t crazy expensive, but c’mon, Halloween is supposed to be for getting free candy, treats, amirite?! This sorta feels a wee bit like a Halloween trick.

Even so, Happy Pokémon Halloween!

Main Art: Pokémon Go developer Niantic is offering players extraordinary treats this Halloween, including double the candy and additional and more frequent “Spooky” Pokémon! (Screenshot of official Pokémon Go Halloween Event video on nianticlabs.com