The Fab Four Bring Beatles Magic To NYCB Theatre At Westbury

Fab Four Beatles
The Fab Four Beatles tribute band will unleash the melodies, humor and musicianship of the legendary band at NYCB Theatre at Westbury, on Saturday, Jan. 28! (Photo: The Fab Four official Facebook profile)

Do you harbor a decades-long crush on Ringo Starr? Believe John Lennon and Paul McCartney were hands-down the best songwriting team that ever existed? Still mourn the loss of George Harrison and constantly discover songs you just never knew he wrote?

Maybe you’re just addicted to the Beatles and can not get enough, like countless others.

We can relate. That’s why we’ve taken the time to write an extended blurb about an extraordinary show taking place Saturday, Jan. 28, right here on Long Island at NYCB Theatre at Westbury: The Fab Four.

The Fab Four is not just simply “another Beatles cover band.” These mop-tops, who hail from the sunny state of California, pride themselves on delivering an absolutely showstopping performance of all the legendary band’s greatest hits, as well as the lesser-known stuff, too. They’ve toured the globe spreading the joy and musical magic that has come to define the Beatles, and meticulously look and sound the part, down to the very last note.

Why? Because The Fab Four do not perceive themselves to be a mere cover band. They pride themselves on the title “tribute band,” and it’s an exceptional musical tribute, indeed. The Fab Four play all the original equipment the originals did for the particular song stages of the band’s career. Each gig also includes at the minimum, three costume changes to reflect their ever-evolving style.

This means: They sound like the Beatles. They dress like the Beatles. If you close your eyes during a show, you might just even believe they are the Beatles!

The Fab Four know the Beatles’ entire songbook, inside and out, and even all the members’ solo material!

This phenomenal Beatles tribute band offers the chance for old fans to relive their memories (possibly witnessing the Beatles at Shea Stadium, perhaps) and for new fans to experience all their timeless, legendary music firsthand in a live setting. Playing on the same instruments the band did, all those years ago, ensures that every single note will sound and feel exactly as they once did. Paul’s iconic vintage Hofner (“The Hoff” no, not the Knight Rider Hoff) violin bass? Yes. John’s old infamous (and gorgeous) black 1964 Rickenbacker 325? Yes! George’s legendary, ill-fated Gretsch Country Gentleman!?

To answer these questions in the most simplest of terms: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Only these precious instruments will ensure the recreation of that one-of-a-kind sound that influences so many countless other bands and musicians to this very day.

The Fab Four have spent years meticulously studying the songs and the band’s historic performances. They also use a simple, but effective formula: “Four guys, no tapes, no overdubbed recordings, just music.”

“Do they play the sitar on favorites, such as ‘Norwegian Wood,'” you may ask. “Do they recreate the psychedelic glory that was an is ‘Strawberry Fields?'”

But of course they do, dear BeatleManiacs.

“What about ‘Yellow Submarine,'” you may inquire. “Do they capture all those strange and joyous noises, such as the whistle and the horn, and the part that sounds just like the actual crew of a submarine beneath a green sea?”

Yes they do!

“One final question,” someone in the front row, may ask, after rattling their jewelry (see what we did there; anybody catch it?). “Will they play ‘Blackbird?'”

For that, dear Rocky Raccoons, you’ll have to head on out to the show.


Featured Art: The Fab Four Beatles tribute band will unleash the melodies, humor and musicianship of the legendary band at NYCB Theatre at Westbury, on Saturday, Jan. 28! (Photo: The Fab Four official Facebook profile)

The Fab Four unleash the melodies, humor and musicianship of the Beatles at NYCB Theatre at Westbury, 960 Brush Hollow Rd., Westbury, on Saturday, Jan. 28. Tickets range from $24.50 – $49.50. For more information, visit venue.thetheatreatwestbury.com

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