Remodeled Man Caves, She Spaces Offer ‘Me Time’

“A large velvet sectional placed on the platform offers comfortable seating. The dark color is perfect for hiding stains and the durable fabric can take lots of wear and tear.”

Sure, we love our friends and family, but there is nothing like having some “me” time in a place where you can get away from it all and do as you wish, from catching up on that juicy novel to building some furniture, painting a portrait, playing some video games or just enjoying some uninterrupted television time.

Take a look at this Man Cave and She Space we found that may inspire you to create one of your own. Whether you work with a designer or do it yourself, it does not have to cost a lot. Applying a fresh coat of paint, getting rid of the clutter and surrounding yourself with items that make you happy is all you may need to get started.

Fort Salonga-based designer Patricia Loria of Loria Design Group created a Man Cave in the basement of this Valley Stream home that offers a fun vibe.

“I built a platform that we covered in a geometric indoor/outdoor carpeting that gives you that theater-viewing feel,” she says.

Mancave3 1
“The air hockey game is part of the sports theme in the room and works great for entertaining,” she says. “A vintage New York Rangers jersey; a Patriots flag, a framed Patriots poster and two hockey sticks are showcased to show what a devoted sports fan the owner is.”
Mancave3 2
“Corona is the owner’s favorite drink, so I found a metal/acrylic pub table with bar stools that go perfectly with the theme and adds character,” she says.

Kerri Quigley, the owner of the Fashion Class, spends hours in her She Space being creative. It’s her quiet place where she goes to unwind and also come up with new swimwear and knit designs.

“My favorite item is my sewing machine,” she says. Located in the attic of her Wantagh home, Quigley describes her She Space as “eclectic.” Part of what makes the room so special to her is the items she surrounds herself with.

“I love seeing objects and photos that are associated with good memories, so I tend to keep a lot of stuff about,” she says. One of those items is a plate she brought back home from Bulgaria.

“I visited Varna, a beautiful town overlooking the Black Sea filled with ruins from Ancient Rome,” she says. “The Black Sea is calm with high salt content, so you can just float along all day. Later on at a restaurant, a traditional dance performance began. Before I knew it I was pulled on stage and got dressed in a quick costume and had to learn the dance in front of everyone. I’m a shy person but it was hilarious and a lot of fun!”

“I fell in love with the red rug when I was in Iceland on my honeymoon,” she says. “We lugged it all over Northern Europe. Although pricey, it’s lush and the perfect color red.”

“I painted the color of the walls a Sea Froth by Benjamin Moore,” she says. “I wanted something in a feminine grey tone to fit with the rest of the house. It’s almost a pink or lavender gray.”

“I bought this top hat at a tag sale for $4. I love it and I placed it on the dress form for fun,” she continues.

“Fabric inspires me,” she adds. “I picked up the fabric from a fabric store. I hung it on the wall until I use it for something I will sew.”

“One of my favorite items is the frozen scorpion. It was my younger brother’s. After he passed away, I kept it out to remind me of the fun-loving and wonderful person he was,” she says.