Alure Home Improvements Will Deliver a Truly Alluring Kitchen for Your Home


Watching all those home improvement shows on television may tempt you to take out the sledgehammer and start ripping down walls and cabinets in your own kitchen.

No need to act on impulse. Leave it to the pros. Alure Home Improvements, a design/build firm that has been an industry leader since 1946, in kitchens, baths, and other types of home improvement projects, does all the work for you. The company, which has been the recipients of numerous awards over the years, provides lots of  personal service to ensure clients have a stress-free and pleasant experience and, in the end, a gorgeous kitchen they love.

“We are a one-stop shop,” says Certified Kitchen Designer Patricia Nicolini, who has been with Alure for the past 19 years. “Alure takes full control of the project, so people don’t have to worry about hiring different trades and coordinating the project. This takes away a lot of the fear and puts the clients at ease.”

To get started, the homeowners answer a series of questions that identify their style, taste, and budget. Some of the questions include: How do they entertain? Who does most of the cooking? Are they right-handed or left-handed? Are they attracted to warmer tones or cooler tones? Do they like ornate decor or more streamlined accents?

Based on the responses, Alure comes up with a plan of action.

“All the information we find out allows us to design a kitchen that is specific to their clients’ needs. It won’t be a cookie-cutter kitchen,” says Nicolini, who explains that each client has a designer they work with and a project manager to oversee everything. “For example, if we have a client who always does the holidays in their home, we may recommend a redesign that includes a double oven and an extended island that features more counter and pantry space.”

With new developments taking place in kitchen design daily, Alure stays on top of what’s on-trend and has its team of professionals continually taking courses, so they can continue to deliver outstanding results.

To book your next kitchen consultation contact Alure Home Improvements at 516-296-7777 or visit alure.com.