‘Gnome’ Village Found in Bellmore’s Mill Pond Park

pjimage (3)
Some of the gnome and fairy homes spotted in Mill Pond Park recently. (Photos by Blythe Worster)

A family made an unusual discovery while strolling Tuesday through Mill Pond Park in Bellmore: They stumbled upon what appeared to be a miniature village of fairies and gnomes in the woods.

The figurines, carefully placed at the base of several trees in the park, were made to look as though the mythological creatures have taken up residence beside the pond — much to the surprise of local residents who happened upon the scene.

“We were walking down the west path and passed an older gentleman who asked us if we’d seen any fairies or gnomes around,” said Blythe Worster, 40, a teacher and married mother of two from Bellmore. “We said ‘no,’ as we had just started making our way around the pond. He told us there were lots to look for.”

Upon hearing that, her 5-year-old daughter excitedly peddled away on her scooter down the path, when they happened upon what looked like Tinkerbell’s house, Worster said.

“She was so excited to see the display,” Worster said, adding, “Then lifted her head and saw the largest collection of little figures and was just in awe.”

The displays also included figurines of dinosaurs, owls and frogs. Andy Kuzma, the man who created the displays, said he “just something special [for] the adventure at the pond [for] adults and kids.”

And the Worsters — and likely lots of other families with young children —are planning on taking a lot more walks through Mill Pond to visit the gnomes and fairies.

“She asked if we could go to Mill Pond every day,” Blythe said.