Who Makes The Best Burgers on Long Island?

All American
Photo by John Wisniewski

Long Islanders can get a hamburger just about anywhere, but no two burgers are the same and none compare to those grilled up at these local restaurants.

The public voted All American Hamburger Drive-In the Best Burger on Long Island in the 2018 Bethpage Best of Long Island competition. Bareburger won the title of Best Veggie Burger on Long Island in that contest. 

All American Hamburger Drive-In lands the top spot on this list for yet another year—and we can see why. Since its establishment in 1963, All American Hamburger Drive-In has continuously been the go-to place for mouthwatering hamburgers. Made with the best ingredients and offered at the best prices, they don’t just serve you food, they provide you with an experience! Combine all this with a friendly and personable staff who go out of their way to ensure every customer is happy, and it’s no wonder why Long Islanders consistently vote All American Hamburger Drive-In the Best Burger on Long Island!

Bareburger specializes in using organic, fresh ingredients in all of its dishes in order to ensure that every customer receives an absolutely delicious meal bursting with flavor. Their produce is free of GMOs and pesticides, their breads are all-natural, and their sauces are gluten-free. One of their famous menu items is their veggie burger, which is a great option for vegetarians who still crave a burger now and then, and for those who would like to try this different take on a classic, American dish. Who knew eating healthy could be this enjoyable!

To find all the other 2017 Best of Long Island contest winners, visit bestoflongisland.com Winners of the 2018 contest will be announced in February. Nominate your favorite businesses and people in the 2019 Best of Long Island program starting Jan. 1.

All American Hamburger Drive-In is located at 4286 Merrick Rd. in Massapequa. They can be reached at 516-798-9574 or allamericanhamburger.us

Bareburger has multiple locations that can be found at bareburger.com