Ask A Psychic: Are Spirits Around Us?


When my brother died almost 20 years ago, we discovered that an ordinary, common symbol seen our entire lives had become our family’s coping mechanism.

That symbol was a butterfly. It brought feelings of healing to our broken hearts and a sense that through rebirth and transition, he had successfully made that great journey beyond.

After a loved one passes on, many feel a heavy grief, emptiness and sorrow that the departed will never be seen again. These feelings may be why many passed loved ones try to get messages over to us.  

Sometimes, the messages bring us healing; other times, a friendly hello. Spirits love sending us signs and symbols to show that they are with us for important events or celebrations. Signs can come to us in a multitude of ways.

One of the best ways for deceased family and friends to speak with us is while we sleep. Dreams can connect the human and spirit world. While we rest, we give thoughts and mental clutter a break. We become more relaxed.  

Dreams are a great way to have a spiritual encounter. However, dreams are just one tool used by a spirit to communicate. Many find that they are pulled to see certain numbers, dates, animals, insects, coins or feathers, objects misplaced or moved to another part of their house, electrical issues in a residence or automobile, and a variety of sounds and smells.  

As a medium, I’ve grown comfortable with sensing a spirit’s presence, hearing voices or buzzing sounds in my ear, smelling perfumes or flowers, and looking for signs that surround me.

Signs can become very personal and provide great peace and comfort. Some people know and sense that loved ones are around them. Others sense no spirit activity and become frustrated with the silence and finality that death seems to create.  

Yet, the signs are always there. It is through our faith and understanding that we alter and clarify our human perspective to view what loved ones graciously send.  

We must be patient and persistent with deceased loved ones and remember we can always make requests or suggestions for them. Ask them to talk to you, come to you, or send specific signs that help you heal. Signs are everywhere; we just need to look with our soul’s vision and at times try to separate from our human form.

While I write this, a small brown and yellow butterfly keeps tapping the window in my family room. I can’t help but chuckle at the thought that maybe my brother is watching me right now and sending me a friendly reminder that he is always with me.  

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