Spring Awakening Brings Magic, Wonder To Stage at The Argyle Theatre


Set in Germany in 1891, The Argyle Theatre’s mesmerizing presentation of Tony Award Winning rock musical Spring Awakening is a brilliantly performed production that captures the timeless story of teenage sexual discovery and angst, and the grownups charged with their care.

Spring Awakening is based on the book and lyrics by Steven Sater, music by Duncan Sheik, and play by Frank Wedekind. The show stars Corrie Farbstein as the vulnerable Wendla whose desire to explore her sexual urges creates tragic circumstances; David Thomas Cronin as the shy, frustrated Moritz whose insecurity leads to the unthinkable; and Alex Joseph Grayson as the strong, passionate Melchoir. Together, with the rest of the incredibly talented cast, critical, real-life issues and powerful emotions — both of which are relevant to today’s youth — are brought to life on stage.

“This is one stellar cast,” said artistic director Evan Pappas. “You will remember each and every one of these characters.”

Argyle’s Spring Awakening brings back the magic and wonder of this heart-wrenching and dramatic story with the guidance of an exceptional creative team: director, Matthew Earnest; production stage manager, Ingrid Pierson; musical director, Jonathan Brenner; choreographer, Sara Brians; lighting designer, John Salutz; sound designer, Carlos Dias Jr.; set and costume designer, William Bezek.

All songs including “Mama Who Bore Me,” “Don’t Do Sadness,” and “Totally F’d” are performed with depth, fluidity, and exciting choreography and arrangements from the pit; lighting is literally spot on; the crew seamlessly works in scene changes and remarkably creative props leaving audiences with a jaw-dropping performance.

At Argyle, you get a “whole experience,” says Pappas. Extraordinary energy, feeling immersed in someone else’s story. No matter how fictional, you’re there, taking it all in and thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Next up: The Producers!

Argyle Theatre, 34 West Main St., Babylon. argyletheater.com, 844-631-5483. Spring Awakening tickets $74-$79. Through February 24. The Producers tickets $74-$79. March 14 through April 20.