Living Large In A Magical Waterfront Tiny Home

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Enjoy the beach, and you can moor your boat right outside

Summertime is just around the corner and living large is a breeze in this magical 890-square-foot waterfront beach cottage at 63 Oaks Avenue in Flanders.

“This is a private beach community of Bay View Pines with sandy beaches around the corner located in the Town of Southampton near the North Fork vineyards, Tanger mall, and the nightlife of The Hamptons,” says Rosie Reiss, Owner/Broker, Coldwell Banker – Trading Places Realty in Hampton Bays.

Built around 2003, the rustic Craftsman-style tiny house raised on four-foot cement piers boasts five rooms and has a lot to offer considering its modest size: a spacious and entertaining open living room/dining area with amazing water views, eat-in country kitchen with unique inside tin ceiling, as well as two to three comfy bedrooms and a colorful, new full bathroom.

“It’s totally redone from head to tiny toes,” the realtor notes. “Everything is new: plumbing, electric, septic, heating, A/C, etc.”

The current owners bought the house as an investment.

Other features include a sliding-glass barn door; extra room in a beachy-looking shed/cottage for so much more, as it has bunk beds for the kiddies; sets of screen doors that lead to porches and walking decks with water views of boating, fishing, and all sorts of water fowl sightings. And, easy-to-maintain native plantings on a 6,223 square-foot lot.

“Enjoy the beach and you can moor your boat right outside,” says Reiss.

This is East End living at its best for $429,000. The house may come fully furnished if the price is right.

“Those amazing water views make this cozy cottage seem bigger,” says Trading Places owner/broker Paul Reiss. “It’s absolutely adorable.”

And it’s hard to resist the home’s location.

Rosie Reiss adds, “Gorgeous sunsets and moon-watching all over the lot and inside the entire cottage.”

Prices for tiny houses vary, and they come in all shapes, styles, and sizes (even less than 200 square feet) and are often sold on wheels so they can be transported to different locations.

This charming beach cottage would be considered quite grand in the realm of tiny dwellings.

The tiny homes movement has been gaining momentum across the U.S. and becoming more popular on the Island, especially with retirees looking to downsize and cut down on the monthly costs of maintaining larger homes.

With affordable housing getting scarcer in New York, going tiny is a great option for anyone who wants to save money and enjoy a simpler lifestyle. That said, there are zoning restrictions on Long Island and other considerations, especially for tiny homes with foundations.

While tiny living has its financial, practical and emotional advantages, and works well for many singles, couples and even families, adjusting to that lifestyle can be extremely challenging for most.

The upside: Living large with less frees up people from the burden of having too much stuff, and paying mortgages or high rents and sky-high electric bills, etc. That means peace of mind along with having more quality time and extra money for family activities, outdoor adventures, traveling, and other pursuits.

It’s all about a minimalist mindset, making do with life’s bare necessities, and a commitment to living tiny.

Sometimes, less is more.

Contact:  Rosie Reiss, Owner/Broker Coldwell Banker – Trading Places Realty, Hampton Bays, 631-728-8070 / 516-840-1044. Paul Reiss, Owner/Broker 631-728-8070 / 516-978-7808

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The spacious and entertaining open living room/dining area has amazing water views.
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The spacious and entertaining open living room/dining area has amazing water views.
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Even the colorful full bathroom has been redone.

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