Special Edition Snapple Bottles Give Nod to Long Island, NYC

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L. to R.: Special edition Snapple bottles for Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

The “best stuff on Earth” is giving a nod to the best places on Earth this summer.

Snapple shook up specially designed, limited edition bottles for Long Island and each of New York City’s five boroughs’ top-selling flavor of the refreshing beverage.

Called “Snapple Hearts The Boroughs & Burbs,” these unique illustrations include New Jersey’s bestseller as well.

Snapple’s special designs were inspired by the iced tea being “Born in the Best Place on Earth.” Valley Stream in 1972 to be exact.

Here’s a real fact: The Snapple business began as “Unadulterated Food Products,” with its founders Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg self-confessing to having little knowledge about the business. The trio didn’t stumble upon the iconic namesake until bottle caps from batch of carbonated apple juice literally flew off in their Nassau County headquarters.

Fast forward to 2019, the island’s favorite flavor of the massive beverage enterprise is diet peach tea. That special edition chartreuse and white bottle is circled by a picket fence, which serves a symbol for Levittown, billed as America’s first suburb. That label has East Hampton’s famous Hook Windmill rotating as well.

That big red fruit at Citi Field now has some completion since Snapple Apple is the bestseller in the World’s Borough. In addition to Worlds’ Fair and Unisphere references on the Queens bottle, it also gives a tribute to the Ramones through a shadowed image of the rock band with “Hey ho apple oh!” written as well. That Blitzkrieg Boppin’ label also gives a nod to Queens’ Asian and Jewish communities.

Similar to LI, peach tea has been the dazzling favorite for Manhattan and it shows. That bottle got the Broadway treatment with a Theatre District themed redesign featuring the neon sign of Radio City Music Hall in addition to rows of seats at the label’s bottom.

The Bronx saw a redesign of Snapple’s Orangeade, featuring a yellow and orange label of boom box speakers, over the ear headphones and the massive exterior columns of the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium on East 161st Street.

Brooklyn remained classic with a revamp of the brand’s original lemon tea. That bottle has a hipster-like mustache, carousel, and dollar sign chain on its limited edition label.

Staten Island saw re-work of the brand’s Kiwi Strawberry bottle while New Jersey took a new fruit punch label across the Hudson River.

Fans who purchase any three of the 16-ounce bottles with the special labels will also have the chance to win a free ‘Snapple Hearts Boroughs & Burbs’ t-shirt when they text the “HEART” to 21688.