While last weekend’s Clear the Shelter event was a nationwide success, there are still plenty of cute cats and adorable dogs that can’t wait to find their forever homes! Read about some of Long Island’s finest homeless pets here, and how you can make them your new best friend today!

And calling all cat caretakers! Don’t miss his weekend’s Fixing Felines Spay/Neuter event on Sunday, August 25 at Farmingdale Dog & Cat Clinic, 908 Conklin St. in, Farmingdale. Drop off time is 8 a.m. Call 631-439-5796 for questions and/or to schedule an appointment. Their low-cost services include $68 for females, $58 for males (includes rabies and distemper vaccine, flea treatment and deworming). This is a great opportunity for those who help Long Island’s stray/feral cats. Don’t hesitate, call today!

L. to R.: Daphne and Buddy

Available for adoption through Pioneers for Animals Welfare Society, Inc.:

Buddy and Daphne are in desperate need of a new home since their mom passed away suddenly. Buddy is the dashing 3-year-old dachshund and Daphne is the darling 13-year-old French bulldog. Both are house broken, neutered/spayed and ready to find their true forever home. Buddy and Daphne are sad and rather confused and need someone special to open their hearts and home to them. 

L. to R.: Frick and Frack.

Few things in life are cooler than being able to call your pet kitties Frick and Frack! These sweet sisters were rescued off the streets when they were kittens and loved for the last 10 years until their human mama passed away. The family took care of them for as long as they could but are unable to continue caring for them. Frick and Frack are both spayed and declawed, and the only way to tell them apart is the width of their tail. They are very sweet cats, a little shy at first, and have never been apart so they need a family that will commit to adopting them both. But that’s OK, what’s Frick without Frack anyway?!   

If you are interested in adopting Buddy, Daphne, Frick and Frack, please contact adoptions@paws-li.org or call 631-306-4616 today!


Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue:

Peek a boo, I see you, says Leo, the gorgeous creamsicle kitty! Leo’s human went out and got a kitten and decided Leo had to leave. It’s really a shame because Leo is very affectionate with people and loves to be pet. Leo would prefer to be the only cat in your home. He is overwhelmed with all the young kittens and cats where he is now. If you’re searching for the perfect solo pet, Leo is your guy. Contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665 for more information about adopting Leo today!


Available for adoption through Our Best Friends Animal Rescue Inc.:

Meet sweet Isabel. At 2 years old and just 12 pounds, this girl hasn’t had much luck finding a forever home just yet. Isabel has cleaned up quite a bit since this photo was taken, and now she needs a home with lots of love and patience. She is a playful little girl and is still very much a puppy. She would thrive with a patient owner willing to train her and show her how to be the prim and proper gal she should be. In return, Isabel will be sure to make you giggle every day and will cuddle with you whenever you let her. 


Poor little Ducky was found in an abandoned house with eight other dogs, all infested with fleas, starvingm and terrified. Fast forward to now, and Ducky is ready for his own home! Ducky is a little guy, maybe 7 pounds, he’s under a year old and loves to be with people. Ducky gets along well with his rescue companion but would need to be tested with other dogs. Ducky loves to talk. He starts babble barking when he wants attention but gets quiet at night once the lights go out. Ducky will be fully vetted before he goes to his forever home. 


Handsome Theo was found wandering the streets alone. The person who found him said they had seen him out for at least a week before they picked him up. They looked for his people, but no one ever came for him. Theo came with no name and no history, but Our Bet Friends Rescue discovered nothing but a super sweet boy who just wants to be loved. Theo is a bit thin and will need to gain a few pounds. He’s somewhere around 18-24 months old and will be fully vetted prior to adoption. 


Gracie came to the rescue after being dumped with her brother George at a rural Alabama shelter. Both had been severely neglected physically and had been abused by their previous owners. Gracie is scared at first and screams if she gets scared when you go to pet her or pick her up. Thankfully she learns to trust quickly and gets over her fears for a piece of chicken or cheese. Gracie is about 7 years old and has the cutest underbite you’ve ever seen! She was infested with fleas when she got dumped at the shelter which brought about fur loss, but it is growing back nicely. Gracie deserves a loving lap for the rest of her new life.

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice were abandoned in a vacant house in filthy conditions. All the dogs had fleas, no food, and were terrified. The girls are a little frightened but that’s to be expected- they’ve been through a lot. While not a lot is known about them, volunteers know they are sweet and loving dogs that deserve a wonderful life ahead of them. They are tiny ladies at about four pounds each, approximately 12-18 months old and will be fully vetted prior to adoption. 

For more information about adopting Isabel, Ducky, Theo, Gracie, Sugar and Spice, email ourbestfriendsrescue@gmail.com or check out their webpage at ourbestfriendsrescue.org


Available for adoption at Bideawee:

Eight-year old Stephy is a fabulous golden girl who came to Bideawee all the way from Tennessee. Stephy is the kind of gal who would be down to go anywhere and do anything as long as she gets to be with her family. This sweet senior pup would be happy lounging on the couch or going for a nice neighborhood stroll. As long as she gets some cookies, she will be good to go! 


This lovely 3-year old girl is named Pookie. She’s a precious lady that everyone simply adores. Although she comes off as being bashful at first, it only takes her moments to shower you with affection. Her wonderful brand of gentle trust and love is without compare. Not to mention, she comes in a fantastically adorable shape with her long body, short legs and weighing only 22 pounds! 


This charming young lady is named Cooper. Not only is she gorgeous, but her personality is as unique as her coloration. Her delightful diva personality is a fine compliment to her lovely appearance. At just 5 months old, she already knows how to shower you with attention on her own terms, but when she loves, she truly LOVES; making it mean that much more. 


This beautiful young lady is named Hyacinth. She is a 4-month old spirited and zesty kitten who is always ready to spring into action. With an intrepid character, a playful soul and a loving heart, Hyacinth possesses only the most admirable and wonderful qualities. She loves to leap and bound around and is much adored by everyone at Bideawee. 

For more information about adopting Stephy, Pookie, Cooper and Hyacinth, contact the Bideawee adoption center located at 118 Old Country Rd., Westhampton, or call 631-684-0079.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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