True Partners Network Hosts Charity Mixer

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True Partners Network Team (Photo by Ed Shin)

Hundreds of supporters came out True Partners Network held an evening of cocktails and networking in support of the nonprofit community at the Engineers Country Club in Roslyn Harbor on Sept. 18.

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L. to R.: Victoria Schneps-Yunis, president of Long Island Press parent company Schneps Media, and Camille Schramm of Cerebral Palsey of Long Island.
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L. to R.: Dennis Garbo of Harmony Heights, and Jim Bienderman of Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. top R.: Dennis Garbo and Kathryn Nostri of Harmony Height. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. to R.: Ron Gold and Melissa Rose of Marketing Works PR. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. to R.: Brian Koonmen- Bethany House, Michael Lamberg – Lamb Insurance Service, Jennifer Alpert, and Taylor Douglas of Bethany House. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. to R.: Barbara Faron from Federation of Organizations, and Ron Gold of Marketing Works PR. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. to R.: Jeffrey Reynolds of Family and Children’s Association and Ron Gold. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. to R.: Todd Pinkus and Gilbert Louis of IRI, with Liam Kemmerley of Lamb Insurance Services. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. to R.: Chris Alexander, Hamdy Elgindy, and Joshua Thomas from EIHAB Human Services, with Hossam Maksoud of Community Care RX. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. to R.: Michael Smith of ACDS and Barbara Lehrer of The Beacon Group. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. to R.: Eileen Egan of Community Mainstreaming, Michael Smith of ACDS, and Peter Setaro and Shannon Honeywell of Enterprise Fleet Management. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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L. to R.: Kelly Coventry and Mell Goldman of All Boro One Source. (Photo by Ed Shin)
True Partners Team with the CEO Lisa Veglia and Cory Polshansky of QSAC which one the 10K prize. (Photo by Ed Shin)