Pure Mammography: Breast Cancer Screenings Made Easy

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A doctor assists a woman undergoing a mammogram x-ray test. (Photo by Tyler Olson/Shutterstock)

Pure Mammography, a healthcare provider that offers mammograms to women at Smith Haven Mall to help reach reluctant patients, is planning a second location at a mall in Nassau County, the company said.

The goal of the store-front clinic is to get tested the one-third of women who do not get their annual mammogram — even though the test is the best way to detect breast cancer early, thereby significantly increasing a patient’s survival rate.

“Being in the mall is great because it has public transportation, weekend hours, extended hours, and it’s open seven days a week,” said Pure Mammography CEO Steven Tuzinkiewicz. “We have a lot of availability to get women in to get their mammogram done.”

The two-year-old startup’s center is designed by the same company that builds spas. Using a spa-like design makes women feel more relaxed than getting a mammogram in a sterile clinical setting where such screenings are typically performed. And it’s convenient location makes it as simple as going to an urgent care center, since no appointment is needed.

“The whole idea is making getting a mammogram as easy as getting a Starbucks,” Tuzinkiewicz said.

The company has not yet announced where the new location will be, but stay tuned for details.

Pure Mammography is located at 570 Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove. It can be reached at 631-652-3424 or puremammo.com

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