5 Products That Help Find a Cure for Breast Cancer

NakedCashmere Love Scarf (1)
NakedCashmere Love Scarf

Enjoy the warm embrace of 100 percent cashmere products from Naked Cashmere. Slippers, beanies, scarves, and gloves help stave off the cold while simultaneously funding breast cancer research. The Love gloves are priced at $85, Puff Love Slippers at $125, and Love Pom Beanie at $95, with $25 of each purchase donated. The Love Scarf costs $175, $50 of which is donated. Find these products at nakedcashmere.com

GET BEANEDsport beansThe childhood favorite candy has returned with an adult pre-workout supplement. Jumpstart your activity with 100-calorie packets of Jelly Bean Sports Beans, with flavors ranging from fruit punch to strawberry banana smoothie and more. With 24 1-oz. bags for $34.99 and 6 1-oz. bags for $8.99, 5 percent of the price is donated. sportbeans.com

TAKE A SEATPink Luno VivoraSitting has never felt so good with Vivora’s Luno Standard Felt Sitting Ball. Engage in activities that strengthen core and balance, or feel the boost in posture that sitting on one provides in any circumstance. Side handles make it easy to transport. Find one for  $54.99, with $10 of every Pink Luno donated at vivora.net

Fight redness and breast cancer with Darphin INTRAL Redness Relief Soothing Serum. Not only does the serum eradicate redness while calming the skin, it also leaves behind a wonderful scent. Through June 30, 20 percent of the purchase price is donated, to a maximum of $7,000. Sizes of 30mL for $90 and 50mL for $130 are available at darphin.com

peloton shoeRun, sprint, or simply take a stroll in Peloton’s Breast Cancer Awareness Shoe, built for maximum comfort in both training and leisure. The pink shoe is sized for women, and 10 percent of the $100 purchase price is donated during the month of October at onepeloton.com


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