Jimmy Kimmel Turns Bagel Boss Guy Video Into ‘Musical’

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L. to R.: Jimmy Kimmel, Michael Alexander, and Chris Morgan.

Chris “Bagel Boss Guy” Morgan may have chickened out from his planned internet celebrity boxing match last month, but thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, the viral video star is making his Broadway debut — sort of.

Friday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! featured a “Fraudway” segment in which Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame played Morgan in a mock musical based on the events of the infamous video.

“You’re not god, or my father, or my boss,” Alexander quotes Morgan on stage while surrounded by dancing bagels in a shop full of exceptionally tall people making fun of his short stature — the topic of his July rant heads round the world.

Just then, God, played by Tracy Morgan, appears and makes a deal with Morgan.

For those with better things to do than follow the latest with this stupidity, Bagel Guy was slated to box Dustin Diamond in September but never showed up. He later got arrested and complained about the food served in jail.

As for the musical, we won’t spoil it for ya. Just watch the damn video. And be nice to your bagel shop workers.