T-shirt Maker The Screening Process Tees Up Success

The Screening Process brings attentive customer service to the promotional T-shirt making industry.

If you enjoy your work, you never work a day in your life, the saying goes. If so, then the promotional T-shirt makers at The Screening Process in Westbury have been very busy not working.

Eric Feldman delights at recalling the many times he’s spotted people around town wearing one of the countless shirts his company has made since he and his business partner Michael Dachs founded it three years ago.

“We get a thrill out of it,” Feldman says. “It is arts and crafts. We’re painting. Our printers are craftsmen. And that’s something they’re very proud of. And to be good at is a skill.”

What sets The Screening Process apart from the competition is that they have positioned themselves as a boutique T-shirt, custom embroidery, and promotional product maker that focuses on customer service. They’re larger than the home-based shirt maker who can handle small orders, but pass the jobs for hundreds of thousands of shirts to bigger companies.

Instead of just ordering a T-shirt from a website, customers can visit The Screening Process’ showroom, which features a view of the production floor, giving a wow factor to those who’ve never seen the process in action. The staff helps guide clients through the process of customizing a design. Their attention to detail is why the company has won the title Best Printing Service on Long Island in the Bethpage Best of Long Island contest two years in row.

“We never know what might walk through our door,” he says. “It’s funny how much everyone loves a T-shirt, whether that be for local rock bands or sports teams.” 

They say they’ve handled everything from T-shirts for small family parties to shirts for corporate retreats for major companies such as Steve Madden Ltd. 

Beyond the gear, one of the intangible things The Screening Process offers is the relief clients feel when the company helps make easier the T-shirt portion of event planning. 

“We’re happy to be a part of the process,” Feldman says with a laugh. “Every day is a different adventure.”

The Screening Process is located at 4800 Brush Hollow Rd. in Westbury. They can be reached at 516-338-4800 or [email protected]