Saunas are nice and all, but have you tried a far-infrared sauna? Its infrared lamps’ warmth is said to penetrate deep inside the body to help loosen up toxins and stimulate the lymphatic system. pHountain, multiple locations,


Aureole Cold Air Diffuser

Don’t fret about the mild winter. Get your chill on with the Aureole Cold Air Diffuser that promises to keep the air you breathe clean and purified. And your favorite temp. $200 at

GO NIGHT NIGHTCan’t sleep? The folks at DoDow can help. The company makes a portable device that projects soothing light displays on ceilings to help insomniacs practice the kind of meditative deep breathing that prompts the most refreshing shuteye. $63.89 at

THINK ABOUT ITBoost feelings of awareness, calm, and balance with this pack of 50 Mindfulness Cards featuring inspiring messages and mindfulness exercises for everyday life. $16.95 at

ICE, ICE BABYWhether you’re trying to get rid of a headache, soothe sore muscles, or just want to cool off and get a massage at the same time, you’ll want the Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager in your freezer. It’s also said to work as a skin rejuvenator. $19.99 at 


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