The Babylon Express: All Aboard For Classy Curbside Cocktail


Without being able to visit their favorite night spots for cocktails, Long Islanders have been turning to curbside cocktail pickup and delivery services, although the fancy glasses are lost in the mix.

Seeking to quench the thirst of imbibers near and far, Islip-based Bohlsen Restaurant Group (BRG) is offering delivery service for the most popular cocktail in the high-end Long Island dining outfit: The Babylon Express.

“The Babylon Express was created to be the feature cocktail at Monsoon Steak & Sushi in Babylon,” says Paulo Villela, beverage director of BRG, which owns the restaurant known for its Pan-Asian fare. “The inspiration behind the drink was to bring the New York City vibe to mid-Long Island with a fun and easy-to-drink cocktail that appeals to everyone and would go well with Pan-Asian dishes.

“Having been a longtime New York City commuter for eight years myself, the best way to go from Times Square to my home in Long Island was to catch the Babylon Express,” he continues. “The drink connects Long Island to Manhattan gastronomically as the train does physically. And so, the name was born.”

The cocktail has four ingredients: St-Germain elderflower liqueur, Crop Cucumber Vodka, pineapple juice, and lime juice. When combined, they “create an incredible depth of flavor,” he says. 

“The St-Germain adds subtle floral and herbaceous notes to the cocktail, flavors that pair nicely with sushi, raw bar items, and seafood,” Villela says. “The tropical flavors of the pineapple add richness to the drink, making it more versatile to pair with richer, fattier fishes and meats. The addition of fresh lime adds acidity to balance out any sweetness, making for a lively and crisp flavor experience.”

To make the cocktail at home, pour all ingredients into a mixing glass. Then, shake about 30 times, strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice, and garnish with a cucumber slice.

The drink has become so popular that competitors have added the cocktail to their own drink menus, but here’s a little secret: BRG’s fun, crispy, and refreshing drink won’t be found under the same name, Villela says. 

Patrons can have the pre-batched Babylon Express cocktail delivered straight to your door from several of BRG’s restaurants, including Tellers, H20, and Verace.

“Babylon Express is the No. 1-selling cocktail in five of our restaurants,” he says. “Its popularity made The Babylon Express a clear choice to offer for pickup and delivery at this time, so that Long Island residents are still able to enjoy the cocktail they love at home.”

Contact information for BRG’s restaurants can be found at brgroup.biz/our-restaurants