Health & Wellness Webinar: Reduce Stress, Lose Weight, Transform Your Life! [Video]

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Pressures caused by the pandemic have led many Americans to feel even more stressed than usual, with symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorder skyrocketing compared to last year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To combat this, chiropractic and wellness coach Dr. Michael Berlin, D.C., discussed his health approach that works to eliminate stress from the body instead of simply managing it during a webinar entitled Reduce Stress, Lose Weight, Transform Your Life. His plan also improves sleep quality and weight loss journeys. The webinar was hosted by Schneps Media, the parent company of the Long Island Press.

“All my life I knew I wanted to help people,” said Berlin, owner of the Family Wellness Center in Plainview. “I help people truly live the miracle that they are.” 

Berlin, who has been practicing and teaching wellness for more than 20 years, emphasized the negative impacts stress has on the human body, including weight gain. His 12-week program gets rid of stress through network spinal analysis care, an advanced neurological and chiropractic technique. 

“When you have stress hormones in your body, it’s going to be very difficult to impossible to lose weight,” Berlin said. “We have to get that to come down and we do that.”

Many of his patients have lost 20 to 40 pounds through the weight loss program, involving all-natural foods and organic supplements. Dieters often have trouble maintaining their desired weight, even after substantial progress and many experience regain so the Family Wellness Center teaches skills and healthy grocery shopping tips to continue one’s weight loss and health transformation. 

“I tell doctors all the time ‘please stop treating symptoms and start treating systems,” Berlin said, adding that balancing those systems produces optimal health.

The first step for patients is understanding root causes and defining areas where stress originates. Berlin encourages people to stop assigning blame to others and to take control of their emotional well-being. Doing this, he says, will improve mind, body and spirit wholeness. 

The Family Wellness Center is offering remote health lessons and shipments of supplements. Office appointments are required for network spinal analysis.

The Family Wellness Center is located at 641b Old Country Rd. in Plainview. It can be reached at 516-822-8499 or [email protected]  For more information about Dr. Berlin and The Family Wellness Center visit networkwellnesscenter.com 

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