7 Podcasts for Kids to Keep Them Engaged and Learning

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7 Engaging Podcasts for Kids

It’s time for our kids to start winding down from a pandemic school year and enjoy being kids. Whether it’s visiting the park every day or going to summer camp, keeping them engaged is always a huge part of avoiding the school slide. Books, visiting museums and libraries, and apps are ways to keep our kids interested and learning. Luckily some amazing podcasts will keep kids learning and, most importantly, engaged!

Psst…Art Programs for Kids: Get Crafty and Creative

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Do you ever feel that you spend a fair amount of time begging or persuading your children to brush their teeth? Chompers is a two-minute morning and evening program of silly songs, fun facts, jokes, and riddles. If you have an Alexa, the app will keep a tally of all your kids’ tooth time brushes. Ages 3-7 

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Circle Round

Not all kids have the patience to sit or listen to a podcast, especially when it isn’t part of the school curriculum. These short (10 to 20 minutes) podcasts are where kids can listen to curated folklores with themes that explore issues such as compassion, humanity, and persistence. Ages 4 to 10.


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Story Pirates

Kids are the creators of this podcast with actors an eclectic group of comedians, musicians, teachers, and actors who bring these stories to life. Recent podcasts such as The Boy Who Had a Pet Ice Cube/The Not-So-Safe Safe and The Missing Golden Eggs/The Super Secret Sassy Story are pure creativity and endless inspiration for kids. Ages 3- to 103


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The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

Kids will love following Finn, an eight-year-old boy who lives in a space station. Finna has friends. Along with Abigail, Elias, and Vale, Explorers Troop 301 explore in 15- 20 minute episodes into uncharted planets, help the occasional alien and solve mysteries helping to save their space station. Ages 5 to 10.


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Story Seeds

StorySeeds pairs best-selling authors and kids ages 6 to 12 to collaborate and create a storytime. With a season of podcasts, kids can listen to a brainstorming idea being processed and developed into a cool story. Ages 6 to 12


Brains On

The entire family can get on this podcast that inspires science and history. Each podcast, a kid with co-host Molly Bloom search for answers to the world’s most captivating questions. We all know kids ask the darnedest things. This is the podcast you want the kids to jump on and have fun while learning. All ages.


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Stuff You Should Know

My oldest enjoys spewing out facts. What we call education, information, and what not; kids call ‘stuff.’ I wish a podcast like this were around when I was a kid. It is way more fun to learn about How Cave Dwellers Work or Rosa Parks via a cool podcast. You may want to skip some podcasts like the one on LSD or How Corporate Taxes Work, so we do suggest you check out what podcast is appropriate for your child first. 

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