Piping Rock Delivers Wellness From Its Family to Yours

piping rock
Cely Portillo Majano, an associate at Piping Rock, enjoys the benefits of working at the company.

Piping Rock, a Ronkonkoma-based health product manufacturer, puts health and well-being at the core of its operations — for customers and associates alike.

The third-generation family business has amassed more than 40 years of knowledge and experience creating optimal formulas for all-natural vitamins and supplements, all with the goal of making consumers feel happy and healthy.

“At Piping Rock, we care and appreciate our associates,” says Marty Sherman, chief human resources officer. “It is their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence that fuels our success.”

Kendell Benjamin 1
Kendall Benjamin, a Piping Rock associate, enjoys learning new skills and completing a variety of tasks at the company.

Piping Rock’s scientists and nutritionists hand-select raw materials and combine them with precise ratios for the best results. The company manufactures and sells not only vitamins but other health products as well, including essential oils, herbal remedies, skin and hair products, nuts and seeds, and sports- and weight-related supplements such as protein powders and keto dietary supplements.

All products are made in-house and sold at both Piping Rock’s storefronts in Ronkonkoma and Farmingdale and through the company’s website.

“With knowledgeable, personable, and passionate sales associates, shoppers can count on great customer service that will personally tailor and guide all shoppers on their wellness journey,” says Doree Seiver, store manager in Farmingdale. “Our products are made using the highest-quality material and are created by us.”

Piping Rock has a team of more than 500 New York associates working hard to help others achieve their wellness goals — but that does not come at the expense of their own livelihood. The company values its associates’ health and well-being just as much as that of its customers.

“We are committed to safety, quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in everything we do,” says Sarah DuBrino, Piping Rock’s human resources benefit and training specialist.

Piping Rock associates report feeling valued and respected, leading to more productivity and favorable outcomes. Associates also report feeling relaxed and comfortable in their work environment.

“Management cares about the health and safety of its associates,” one associate wrote in a feedback form. “I look forward to what every day brings. The company has grown in leaps and bounds and it has been amazing to watch.”

Mariel Rodriguez Maria Mata Cepin 1
Mariel Rodriguez and Maria Marte Cepin, associates at Piping Rock, say they feel well supported by the company.

Piping Rock Associate Cely Portillo Majano has worked at the company for five years. She says she loves the work environment so much that her goal is to take on a leadership role to help grow the company.

“I am happy to work for a company that provides good benefits — associate events like Ice Cream Day, the annual family picnic, the annual holiday party, and turkey and barbecue packages,” Majano says.

Another associate, Kendall Benjamin, has worked at Piping Rock for more than two years and enjoys the variety of tasks he’s able to perform.

“I have had the pleasure of learning many different jobs, from sampling to picking, receiving, blending, and driving the Hi-Lo [forklift],” Benjamin says. “I love being able to do all different jobs with the amazing and helpful associates I work with.”

Associate Maria Marte Cepin agrees that a job at Piping Rock offers opportunities to succeed at new things.

“The company sees my potential and is helping me grow within the company every day,” Cepin says. “I have learned many skills while being here that I never learned before.”

Overall, associates report feeling well taken care of — like part of the family.

“I like working at Piping Rock because of how I am treated by my supervisors,” says Mariel Rodriguez. “I enjoy working with everyone in the company.”