New Business Blue Lotus Furs Repurposes Your Old, Vintage Fur

vintage fur
Dawn Talassazan, of Woodbury, owns Blue Lotus Furs, a recycled, vintage fur business.

A recent epiphany led Woodbury resident Dawn Talassazan to transform the online fur business she’s run for more than two decades.

Originally E Furs 4 Less, one of the first companies to begin selling used fur coats on the internet in 1998, Talassazan has rebranded to Blue Lotus Furs, which sells pre-owned fur clothing and helps fur owners redesign their old furs.

“It’s like a rebirth,” Talassazan says. “We decided to be more conscious of the animals, so we went into only selling recycled items. We take what already existed and redesign it.”

Talassazan says she was at a wedding during the pandemic when a lotus “appeared out of nowhere.” The beauty of the lotus made her rethink the direction of her business and start anew.

“I thought, ‘Look how much better life would be if we took better care of animals and the Earth,’ but I had this business I’d been doing for a while,” she says. “I said, ‘Let’s try to focus on vintage and thrift shop furs and recreate them.’”

Talassazan explains that many people own furs that were passed down from older generations. While they may be out of style, many fur owners have a hard time parting with these pieces. Talassazan works with them to refurbish the furs and either make them more modern to wear, or repurpose them into accessories, such as pillows.

“We discuss how we’ll style it. We could add leather … we customize it so that it fits your lifestyle and how you want to look and feel,” she says.

Blue Lotus Furs has a selection of mostly pre-owned fur coats, vests, hats, scarves, and other fur accessories listed on its website, bluelotusfurs.com

The fur retailer also sells leather pants and leather necklaces to complement furs, as well as fur pom-pom keychains, hats and slippers with fur pom-poms, and fur scrunchies. Price points range from the low to high ends.

Going forward, however, Talassazan aims to focus on providing the service of refurbishing furs, which is done by appointment only. To book an appointment to get furs redesigned, contact Talassazan directly at 646-591-0923.

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