Something to Wine About: CANette Wine Spritzers

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CANette White Wine Spritzer

By now I’m sure you have been introduced to the concept of wine in cans. While many wine snobs may reject this premise out of hand, don’t. There are some quality wines now being released in cans. Most do hail from California, but there is a line of canned wine spritzers from Long Island that can absolutely enhance your holiday parties. 

Before reading on, if you are old enough to remember wine coolers, let that thought exit. If you are old enough to remember Champale, which was actually a malt beverage, not wine, really banish that thought as well.

CANette Wines Spritzers are made from Long Island grapes and other natural flavors. Two CANEttes that would complement any holiday gathering are the CANette Red Wine Spritzer with orange and cardamom and the CANette White Wine Spritzer with pear and spice.

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CANette Red Wine Spritzer

The CANette Red Wine Spritzer with orange and cardamom is so similar to the flavor palate of mulled wine, a real Christmas favorite, yet bubbly, and cold. It’s also reminiscent of the days before the Sex and the City Cosmo. Back “in-the-day” red wine spritzers were seriously a thing. This CANette goes far beyond capturing that popular 80s cocktail, it elevates it to another level. 

The CANette White Wine Spritzer with pear and spice also has a wonderful holiday flavor and hits all the right notes with its balance of fruit and spice. Both of these spritzers look beautiful in the glass.

There are some significant positives to consider when including a spritzer option for holiday parties. Being a spritzer, rather than a canned wine, the alcohol is lower. Canned wines often come in 375ml cans. Many people don’t realize until they’ve indulged: Just because it’s the size of beer, doesn’t mean it’s the alcohol content of a beer. A regular can of canned wine is equal to half a bottle of wine. And wine is higher in alcohol than beer. But, back to the spritzer, while it’s also in a 375ml can, being a spritzer, the alcohol level is lower, a positive when trying to keep yourself or guests from overindulging. 

A four pack of either spritzer retails for $24 on the Chronicle Wines website. Each can pours approximately two glasses. There is also a holiday gift set retailing for $49 of four different CANettes. It’s also filled with other holiday goodies and a recipe book for holiday cocktails you can prepare with the spritzers. Check out their website here: chroniclewines.co.

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