Long Island Barber Appears on Ruffles Commercial with Lebron James

ruffles commercial
Jamie Lee Rodriguez, of Merrick, is featured in a commercial for Ruffles potato chips. (Photo via OfficialFritoLays on YouTube)

A barber at Hair Magicians in Wantagh is featured in a commercial for Ruffles with NBA legend Lebron James that premiered on Christmas Day.

The television ad’s casting director was looking for a female barber and found Jamie Lee Rodriguez, of Merrick, on Instagram, where she showcases her creative hair stylings as @jayleebladez. According to news reports, Rodriguez wrote off the director’s messages as spam at first, but eventually responded, flew to Los Angeles, and shot the commercial.

“I’m still in shock … it’s not sinking in,” Rodriguez told Fox 5 News reporter Jessica Formoso.

The potato chip commercial encourages people to “own your ridges” – in other words, to embrace past hardships and overcome obstacles – which Rodriguez relates well to. The 30-year-old, single mother of two admits life has not been easy.

“I would have my kids crying to me sometimes that I wasn’t able to spend time with them,” she said in tears during the Fox 5 interview.

Rodriguez shared clips of the commercial on her Instagram page, thanking Ruffles for the opportunity and addressing the ad’s message.

“There were times where I broke down. Times where I wanted to give up. Times where I told myself I can’t do it,” she wrote. “Many episodes of Depression I had. But a true warrior never gives up and holds their head high no matter what.”

“Words can’t express how grateful I am,” she wrote in another post. “I’m still in shock. Idk where my road leads but all I know is right now I’m so proud of myself. For my strength and for being the best role model for my kids. Hearing them say they’re proud of me is all I ever wanted and makes all these obstacles worth it.”

Entitled “Ruffles D.N.A. with LeBron James,” the commercial features the song “DNA.” by Kendrick Lamar. It is now airing nationwide and also available to watch on Frito Lays’ YouTube page.

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