Singer Marisela to Perform in Westbury on Valentine’s Weekend

Courtesy Eserebrinsky / Rockass Online Music

“My life is new this year.” This is Marisela’s opening statement for our virtual interview.

“This is the beginning of a new life for me. It is strange and difficult because I’m starting differently. I’m here to sing and enjoy what I do.”

The “Iron Lady” — as she is most widely known — assures she is undergoing a different stage of her life, one in which she only wants to sing lovingly to her public.

To that end, the most romantic artist of all time will perform a series of concerts in the New York City area during Valentine’s weekend. On Saturday, Feb. 12, she will be at the Ritz Theatre at Elizabeth, NJ; on Sunday, Feb. 13, at the NYCB Theatre in Westbury, Long Island; and on Monday, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, she will perform at The Beacon Theatre in Manhattan.

Even though Marisela’s special guest in her presentations is Álvaro Torres, in the New York City area the beautiful Mexican American Singer will share the stage with Américo, The King of Cumbia, promising a unique and truly unmissable show for the Latin community.

“The Iron Lady,” “The Latin Madonna,” and “The Romantic Music Diva” are just some of the titles Marisela has received from the public throughout her career after reaching wide fame in the 1980s and selling over 25 million records. To date, she is still the only singer in Spanish to conquer the complete Billboard Top 10 with her songs. Her inimitable success and thousands of followers have consolidated her as one of the most important contemporary romantic artists in the Latin market.

Tell us about your Valentine’s Day shows in New York?

I’m super excited to be in New York again! I’m going to present a new show, an all-new production… Everything is new!

Any surprises?

This is a beautiful tour because I’m focused on my fans. I want to do something different for my audience. I’m spontaneous in everything I do, and this will be great.

Will you be featuring “La Pareja Ideal” as a guest in this new production?

In Connecticut, I will be with Álvaro Torres, the composer of ‘HazmeTuya’ (Make Me Yours.) However, here in the New York area, I will be performing with Américo, The King of Cumbia.

Of all your duos, what place does ‘La Pareja Ideal’ (The Ideal Couple)occupy in your heart?

Every one of my duos has something special. They all bring back beautiful memories. All the songs I recorded with so many different singers are special to me. But obviously, ‘La Pareja Ideal’ is the one I remember the most.

What is your secret to having new generations like your music?

I just sing to love, and love is ageless. I sing songs that touch your heart, and I believe love is present in every age.

What do audiences ask you the most when you are on stage?

I am always there for my audience with the music I did before. Sometimes I want to do something new on stage, but the audience keeps asking for my oldies, which is good, but I also know that my audience wants to see something new, so I’m getting ready for that. In this stage of my career, I am more present, have more control, and will be doing things you all have expected from me for years.

What is your inspiration for 2022?

My music, my audience, all of you. That is the main thing I have because it’s my inspiration and my motivation to do beautiful things, and that is what I’ll do.

This story first appeared on NoticiaLI.com.

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