D’Addario Foundation Forms Bridge Fund for Music Programs Nationwide

d'addario foundation
Getty Images

A Long Island-based foundation is fighting to keep music education alive for children nationwide.

The D’Addario Foundation, which was founded more than 40 years ago, helps fund music programs for underprivileged kids. Its latest initiative, Bridge Fund, aims to “bridge the gap” between the Black community and music education.

“The damaging consequences of Covid have only exacerbated the need to address the enormous gap in educational resources and opportunities,” says D’Addario Foundation Executive Director, Suzanne D’Addario Brouder. “We honor the values and needs of communities by launching the Bridge Fund that very intentionally identifies and supports innovative, immersive, and accessible music programs in Black communities.”

The D’Addario Foundation believes that music instruction for children can be life-changing; however, music programs are often much less accessible for Black children, whose school districts disproportionately get the most amount of budget cuts to music and arts.

In response, the foundation’s Bridge Fund will give money to music programs in affected neighborhoods so that they can reach more kids in their communities.

“In particular, we seek programs that take place after-school and are available multiple days per week, elements that very clearly contribute to higher levels of engagement and academic achievement as an actionable solution to ‘bridging’ this gap and giving every student a chance to reach their highest potential,” D’Addario Brouder says.

The fund will benefit Sphinx Performance Academy in Detroit, M.I., Cleveland Institute of Music’s Musical Pathway Fellowship in Cleveland, O.H., Buffalo String Works in Buffalo, N.Y., Atlanta Music Project in Atlanta, G.A., HARPS Foundation in Richmond, V.A., Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Nouveau Program in Cincinnati, O.H., Project STEP in Boston, M.A., The Roots of Music in New Orleans, L.A., Soulsville Foundation’s Stax Music Academy in Memphis, T.N., West Point School of Music in Chicago, I.L., and others.

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