15 Times Animals Made Wild News on Long Island

Alligators discovered in the Peconic River in April 2013. (DEC)

The lynx that took a three-day tour through Islip after six shark attacks in three weeks off Long Island sparked widespread anxiety — but the stories are not the region’s first rodeo with unusual animal news.

Here’s a refresher of some of LI’s most recent unusual local encounters with the animal kingdom.


GettyImages 1355129912
A hawk has been stalking Northport (Getty Images)

This spring, reports that a hawk has been attacking people in Northport — reportedly as many as 17 people over the past two years — requiring some to seek medical attention, but the bird returned after it was captured and relocated, WNBC reported

Oh, Deer!

Fire Island
The deer on Fire Island are not afraid to come right up to people.

In February, a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) team assisted in the removal and release of a deer that entered and then became trapped in a Stony Brook University classroom.

Barney The Bull

barney the bull
Barney the Bull is headed to a farm in New Jersey to live out his days. Courtesy Suffolk SPCA.

In September 2021, Barney, the 1,500-pound bull who had received a great deal of attention after he escaped captivity in Mastic three months prior, was safely captured by Mike Stura of Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue at the former duck farm located on Barnes Road in Moriches.

Black Swan(s)

GettyImages 1213264424
Black swan (Getty Images)

In July 2021, a pair of black swans native to Australia were spotted in the Town of Southold, according to the DEC. Local animal groups caught the swans and had them taken to an animal sanctuary. The story was largely overshadowed by Barney.

Slippery Snake

unnamed 10 e1659285416811
Bertha the anaconda (Suffolk SCPA photo)

In July 2019, the Suffolk County SPCA helped track and capture a 9-foot-long anaconda that escaped a home in Hampton Bays and was later found hiding in the dashboard of a van.

Buck Blowout

Salon deer
The buck took off with a flat iron in its antlers.

In October 2019, deer was caught on a surveillance camera crashing through the front display window of a Lake Ronkonkoma hair salon and running through the store before fleeing — terrifying customers and hairdressers in the process.


GettyImages 681388560
Bald eagle flying over icy waters (Getty Images)

In June 2018, burglars stole a one-winged bald eagle named Sammy from the Quogue Wildlife Refuge. The theft remains unsolved, despite a $20,000 reward.

More Big Cats

GettyImages 472193905
Caracal walking down tree in afternoon sun South Africa (Getty Images)

The lynx wasn’t the first big cat found on LI. In October 2018, a caracal — a wild cat indigenous to Africa and Asia — was found dead in Sag Harbor, Dan’s Papers reported.

Leaping Lizards

GettyImages 1306132097
Komodo Dragon wandering freely in Komodo National Park of East Indonesia. (Getty Images)

In September 2018, a Levittown reptile store was cited for possessing several dangerous reptiles, including a 6-foot-long Asian Monitor Lizard. A search at the owners’ home discovered a Gila Monster, one alligator, two Dwarf Caimans, and five Mexican Beaded lizards, according to the DEC.

A Deer Situation

GettyImages 1327355532
The roe deer, also known as the roe, western roe deer or European roe, is a species of deer. (Getty Images)

This one didn’t actually make news, but when the DEC was asked for recent local animal cases of note, the agency shared this shocker. In October 2016, a deer was discovered tied to a steed rod with a collar around its neck being kept as a pet at a home in East Hampton. DEC Law Enforcement transferred the deer to a local sanctuary and charged the individual with illegal possession of wildlife, the agency said.


This alligator is the 20th gator discovered on Long Island between 2012 and 2013. (Photo: Suffolk County SPCA)

LI has no shortage of alligator cases. In January 2019, a one-foot American alligator was seized in the basement of a Hauppauge home. In July of that year. a small, eight-inch alligator was discovered by a family swimming in a backyard pool in Bayport. And in December 2017, a 4-foot-long alligator was seized at a residential property in Ronkonkoma and taken to a licensed facility. But the most ridiculous of all was 20 baby alligators being found in a year on LI between 2012 and 2013. 


GettyImages 1057125426
Nile crocodile (Getty Images)

In July 2015, authorities responded to a report of a 3-foot-long crocodile found in a cardboard box in a Medford parking lot, Suffolk police and the Suffolk SCPA said.

Turtle Trouble

aligator snapping turtle
Suffolk SPCA officials released this photo of the Alligator Snapping Turtle they said was found in Smithtown.

In August 2015, a 25-pound Alligator Snapping Turtle, a reptile named for its powerful jaws and not indigenous to Long Island, was found near downtown Smithtown, Suffolk County authorities said. 

Seeing Spots

GettyImages 505235154
Leopard walking along a branch (Getty Images)

In May 2005, the Suffolk County SCPA responded to reports of two leopards being kept as pets in a Dix Hills home. 

Bear Bust

GettyImages 139525592
A black bear cub clings to a tree in Minnesota (Getty Images)

In April 2002, a Medford man was reportedly cited for keeping a 3-month-old, 12-pound black bear cub as a pet in his home 

-With Oliver Peterson