Something to Wine About: Bubbles from Chronicle Wines

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Like sparkling wine? Did you know there is more than one way to get bubbles in your bottle?

Most people are familiar with the Méthode Champenoise. Méthode Champenoise, also known as the traditional method, is where wine undergoes a second fermentation process in the bottle to produce bubbles. Prosecco, another type of sparkling wine, is produced in the Charmat method. In the Charmat method, the winemaking process traps bubbles in wine via carbonation in large steel tanks.

Another lovely way to produce wine with bubbles is called Petillant Naturel, or Pet-Nat for short. In this ancient wine-producing method, the wine is bottled before primary fermentation is finished, without the addition of secondary yeasts or sugars. While there are amazing examples of Pet-Nat wines in Old-World wine regions, we are lucky to have a few of these examples right here on Long Island.

The first is the 2021 As If Gratitude Pet-Nat. This wine is a blend of Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, and Sauvignon Blanc. Tropical, floral, and dry, with a lush mouth feel this wine has notes of grilled peach, pineapple, and key lime. At only $28 a bottle this wine is a great way to experience bubbles in a new way.

Prefer something a bit more traditional or subtle? Try the lovely and elegant 2021 Chronicle Wines Pet-Nat Chardonnay, Limited Edition. With notes of brioche, lemon meringue, and green apple this is a slightly more rustic, yet still sophisticated, version of classic Champagne. At $30 a bottle, this Long Island sparkling wine is sure to please all your Champagne-loving friends. 

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