Islip Town Honors Benevolent North Bay Shore Resident

north bay shore
Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter honored North Bay Shore resident Margot Pregitzer on July 13.

Every picturesque town has that one resident that everyone knows. That person works to make the community better and wears a friendly face that everyone can count on. For North Bay Shore, that resident is Margot Pregitzer.

For over 60 years, Pregitzer has been a dedicated citizen of the Town of Islip. Many around town refer to her as the “bicycle lady” as she’s always on the go heading to her next community service destination. Whether picking up trash, sweeping the streets, or knocking on her neighbor’s door with a plate of cookies, Pregitzer has spent most of her 80 years on earth helping others. And she’s not stopping any time soon.

“She has the energy of a hundred Energizer Bunnies,” Pregitzer’s young neighbor said during a recent Islip Town Board meeting “She’s been around since I’ve been born and she’s always helped out.”

Pregitzer’s neighbors recommended that she be recognized by the town. So, on July 13, at the Islip Town Board meeting, the board honored the North Bay Shore resident. 

“In the dictionary, when it says neighborhood watch, there’s a picture of Margot,” joked Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter. Pregitzer has also created relationships and volunteered with local agencies to keep the town in its best condition possible.

“Margot is an extraordinary woman who understands that a community is built by more than just paved streets and primped lawns, but is instead built person-to-person, neighbor-to-neighbor, with kindness, love and respect,” said Carpenter.

Pregitzer was nothing but smiles as she received her certificate of recognition, showcasing her love for the community and the people in it.

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