CBD Strength and CBD Dosage: What You Need to know

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Learn more about CBD strength and CBD dosage to help you find the best products. 

The numbers don’t lie. The strength of your favorite CBD products, as well as the dosage, can have a huge effect on how well your products work for you. Bigger is better for maximum results. 

But it may take a little trial and error to determine the right CBD dosage for your needs. If you’re experiencing discomfort, you may find a specific CBD dosage helps you feel better. But if you’re seeking a CBD wellness solution to help you fall asleep at night, the dosage could differ from what you take for other uses. 

When it comes to CBD strength and CBD dosage, you may be wondering what measurement is more important? Do you aim for the highest strength you can find? Or should you be more concerned with your CBD dosage? 

CBD Strength: Breaking Down the Numbers

The CBD strength of a product measures the amount of CBD in the entire package. This could be your bottle of gummies or tincture, as well as your tube of topical cream. The CBD dosage is the amount of CBD per serving or per suggested use.

cbdMD’s new high potency CBD products contain higher doses of CBD. Each serving packs a hearty 200 mg CBD punch, elevating the overall functionality of the product and increasing opportunities for CBD to enter the bloodstream. The higher the potency, the higher your dosage. 

Some people may choose their CBD products based on price, assuming that they’re saving money with a lower-cost product. However, it may not be the best measurement to guide your next CBD purchase. 

CBD Dosage Considerations

The most important consideration for CBD dosage is simply what works for you. If you take CBD gummies for discomfort, one dose at 50 mg might not be enough to help. Instead, you may need to double up and take two or more gummies at 50 mg. 

But you can purchase full spectrum CBD gummies where each dose is 200 mg, or four times as potent, for only a modestly higher price. This means you will consume fewer gummies for a greater wellness impact, thus saving money in the process. 

You also want to consider how many servings are in a bottle or package. This can help you determine how long your CBD product will last, so you can keep a consistent regimen and don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of CBD.

When it comes to dosage, it is not a one size fits all approach. Your body composition, CBD tolerance, and metabolism can all impact the CBD effects you experience. So feel free to start with the serving size suggested on the label but adjust as you see fit. 

Finally, pay close attention to your CBD product type. Is it full spectrum, with trace amounts (less than 0.3%) of THC, or is it broad spectrum with no detectable THC? If the thought of THC in your products makes you a little uneasy, stick with broad spectrum high potency CBD products. But most people find that full spectrum products feel more potent, thanks to the way that even a small amount of THC enhances the relaxing benefits of CBD.

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