What Is the Best CBD for Pain?

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Have you been hearing about the potential of CBD for pain? Check out cbdMD’s cbdMD MAX for Pain and our premium line of full spectrum CBD products. While you may feel better just using our premium full spectrum line of CBD products, cbdMD MAX is a different beast altogether. Let’s discuss both to see how you can use CBD as a key part of your pain management program.

CBD + THC = Full Spectrum CBD!

Two key precursors of pain are tackled full force with full spectrum CBD products: your level of daily calm and the quality of sleep you get each night. If you suffer high stress and tension throughout your day, then your body may have more pain. Likewise, if your sleep suffers, you may experience more pain.

Full spectrum CBD utilizes the powerful combination of nature’s cannabinoids, CBD and THC, to help you feel more calm and relaxed throughout your day and get restful and restorative sleep each night. By helping in those areas of your life, you may experience more comfortable days and nights. 

Often, people are plenty happy with the reduction in pain they experience just from better sleep and relaxation. But, if you need more help than this to get your pain under control, there’s a higher potency full spectrum product with added pain-fighting natural ingredients. 

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Can You Use High Potency CBD for Pain? 

cbdMD MAX for Pain is the ultimate solution when you need more help daily discomfort. For starters, there’s a ton more CBD + THC in every powerful serving. 

  • 200 mg CBD — not per bottle…but per serving!
  • 4 mg THC — not per bottle, but again, per single serving! 

If the higher potency CBD weren’t enough, we’ve added powerful Univestin, an herbal blend of Chinese skullcap and acacia, clinically proven to improve joint health. That means you will not only feel better with less pain but your joints get the support they need for improved mobility and flexibility, which also helps your stiffness. 

Less stiffness means you can move around better and get back to the activities that pain’s kept you from doing!

Should I Take Full Spectrum or High Potency CBD?

Full spectrum comes in a wide range of potencies. For some people, simply taking full spectrum CBD products regularly is all the relief and support they need. Even if you have to increase the strength on your full spectrum CBD products.

But if you’ve been experiencing everyday pain, soreness, muscle stiffness, or waking up with pain each morning, then clearly you need more support for pain relief. In those cases, it may be better to go ahead and switch over to the cbdMD MAX for Pain products. 

Remember, consult your doctor when switching because you are adding in the Univestin to your regimen, something that’s not in the regular full spectrum products.

Full Spectrum CBD vs High Potency: the Bottom Line

The best CBD for you is (drum roll)…the one that works best for you!

It’s best to try full spectrum CBD or cbdMD MAX for Pain for a few weeks and then the other one to see which CBD formulation works better for you. The best part about CBD products is that you can mix and match to find what works best for you!