Got Pilk? Lindsay Lohan Hawks Milk and Pepsi Drink

Merrick native Lindsay Lohan, fresh off of her recent Netflix Christmas movie comeback, is the new poster girl for Pilk, the totally delicious-sounding and definitely not gross combination of milk and Pepsi.

Pepsi released a commercial Thursday in which Santa Claus finds a half a glass of milk left for him beside the traditional plate of cookies, and decides it would be perfectly normal to pour a can of the cola into the glass. Lohan then sneaks down stairs, throws caution to the wind, and drinks it.

“That is one dirty soda,” Lohan declares while sipping the light brown Pilk through a straw. The spot was one of two Pepsi released. In the other, Lohan makes the Pilk herself, uses the same line, and declares it both naughty and nice.

For the uninitiated, the only thing new about Pilk is Pepsi advertising it. Its origins appear to date back to an episode of Lavern and Shirley in the 1970s, then two years ago it became a viral internet meme that has snowballed ever since as a TikTok trend.

Pepsi decided to get in on the action and brand it as a Christmas drink. And who better to market it than Lohan, the latest contender seeking to usurp Mariah Carey’s Queen of Christmas crown. The actress starred in Falling for Christmas, her first film in years, in a bid to revive her movie career and put her prior legal troubles behind her. And what better way to celebrate turning over a new leaf and the holidays than with a tall, refreshing glass of Pilk? 

For what it’s worth, Pilk is hardly the first dairy-cola combo. It’s basically a lazy man’s egg cream (ask your parents, kids). The internet loves making fun of Pilk, but Lohan thinks you should ditch the egg nog and pour a glass of Pilk at your next holiday mixer. Maybe make a whole punch bowl of Pilk for all your friends, family and colleagues!

Is Pilk really as good as Lohan says or as bad as the internet claims? Let us know what you think in the comments!