Something to Wine About: RGNY Scielo Sauvignon Blanc 2021


Sauvignon blanc lovers, rejoice! There is yet another Long Island sauvignon blanc that will tickle your taste buds: the 2021 RGNY Scielo Sauvignon Blanc. For those looking to spot this wine on the shelf, RGNY is not prominent on the bottle, but Scielo is. This delightful sauvignon blanc is light with notes of lemon and peach. It is exceptionally clean and refreshing with great minerality. It is softer and fresher than many of the more grapefruit-y, aggressive New Zealand sauvignon blancs. This easy-drinking wine retails, for wine club members, at $24.65, and for the public at $29. 

A little bit of history: Martha Clara Vineyards was a staple on the Long Island vineyard scene. For those who would bring their young children for a day on the East End it was family-friendly and fun. Parents packed picnics and children enjoyed the farm animals. 

When Martha Clara closed it was acquired by Rivero Gonzalez. In 2019 RGNY launched. Unfortunately, in 2020 Covid hit, so many may not have gotten a chance to visit this newer vineyard. The transformation to a much more adult upscale tasting experience and event destination is distinct. Gone are the hayrides and petting zoo, replaced, according to RGNY’s website, by a variety of elegant tasting experiences, some in stunning glass greenhouses, brunches, and even a blending experience where customers can be their own winemaker and create their own unique blend. While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are required for many experiences and can be booked online.  rgnywine.com